Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Five cavities filled--"The people here are feeding us way too many sweets!"

Elder Sedlacek & three other Elders moved this 800 pound stove for a service project.
hey dad! so this week was incredible! we hit 34 lessons, 7 of them were member-present!!!!!!!! the trials from last week really paid off and now we have some new investigators to show from it. but first off, for transfers i am staying and elder Nielsen is leaving, it really stinks. we had so much fun together! i barely know how to access 1/4 of our area, so i really hope i get a good comp to help me, i will need it. i know that through the Lord i can do anything though, so it will work out, he knows what's best. i am glad you enjoyed the pic and video that Bro. B sent.  i wasn't unhappy about singing, i just was trying to concentrate on what the words were hahaha. i really love the mission song and i actually had chills when we sang that time, it was cool. that is cool sierra is already home, that went by fast! at the end of this month, i will have hit five months out, and that is crazy. i am glad you enjoyed our christmas card, we had so much fun making it hahaha. i will look forward to those bratzelis you are sending. haha those are the christmas highlight tradition! haha i have not got my package yet, hopefully it comes soon. stake conference must have been awesome, i miss stuff like that, but of course now i get mission conferences which are even better hahaha. great job at work! that is awesome! i heard about navy's win over army. our ward mission leader is a really cool guy, he is like you and craig and he tells us scores and stuff sometimes when we go over on sundays for correlation. he told me about navy and the coaching situation, and that is crazy about bronco, he is going to be making bank! i heard jacksonville is playing super good this year, it does not surprise me. that is crazy you are getting snow and we are in the 60's! it has been really nice. well, enjoy the snowblower duty hahaha i love that thing haha.that is true about the spirit influencing us to do right, and it is cool to see that in my own life right now. if i even think about doing something wrong, i already feel bad for it. when you have the spirit with you this much, you are always wanting to do what's right, it is awesome. thanks dad for all the updates, as usual i will send more in the general email, i love you so much! have a great day! and week! talk to you later!
-Elder Sedlacek
hey mom! so this morning we went to the dentist to get some cavities filled in, i had 5! the people here are giving us way too many sweets! haha. the dentist is a member and did it completely free, he didn't even want our insurance cards or anything. he is awesome, so he numbed up my whole mouth until i could feel my eyes going numb hahaha. 
well, this week was stellar! we hit 34 lessons! that is freaking awesome considering we usually only hit like 23 max. elder Nielsen is leaving and i am staying, i am scared hahaha. i hardly know how to run the area, but i know that through the Savior and with his help i can do anything. 
we got a new investigator this week, named S***, we found him around thanksgiving and came back in contact with him. we got him to come to the ward Christmas dinner and he wants to attend church, although that will be hard because he lives downtown and can't pay for bus fare, so that is a challenge. that guy M******, his son, W, is now wanting to be baptized, so we are going to teach him the lessons. S is an interesting guy. we will see what becomes of him. this week was awesome, we found some new investigators yesterday and blew our goals out of the water! so we will try to stay in contact with those new people. 
since i will be one of the most experienced elders in the zone, the most experience in this zone, not the mission, i might become a leader of some kind. the other elders in our district are leaving so it is me and the cincy sister who just got out of training, so we will see what happens. 
i am looking forward to the christmas package, should i wait until Christmas to open it or no? i am glad you enjoyed the pics that Bro. B sent on Friday, so every week he does that. he feeds all the norwood elders and sisters breakfast and then we usually do service afterwards. that is our mission song, i hope you like it haha. 
i am sorry about your back, that really stinks, maybe you should try putting jake's diodes on it from his leg surgery, that is what elder nielsen does for his back, he has problems too. that is crazy that finals are already here and jeff and nicole's anniversary! i didn't even notice! holy cow, time is going fast and slow, i am surprised it is already been close to 5 months for me and it kinda feels like eternity as well hahaha. it is hard to describe. tell mia and Sarah good luck for me with their concerts and stuff. 
i am sure that stake conference was way good, i love listening to pres. stuart, he is awesome. yep, what sierra says is true, missionaries are just lucky to get to witness the miracles. it would be bad for me to take credit for the ideas and stuff i have and get because they really aren't mine. when it comes to dealing with other people's problems and helping them with that, i am dumb as a box of rocks! but with that revelation and the impressions i can receive, i can help them if i follow it and rely on the spirit, which is half of the mission--you really have to rely on the spirit to show you where to go, what to do, and what to say. it is just like giving a blessing, you just have to try and follow the spirit. 
that is so crazy with all that snow you are getting today! we are still in the 60's. it has been a warm week! it is probably going to get cold again really soon, which i am not fond of, the humid cold is crazy.
i have to go now mom, it was great talking to you, have a great week and be safe in the snow hahaha, love you guys so much! have a great week! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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