Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I am grateful that I have this opportunity to be out here

 Hey dad, so this last week went pretty slow, but it was good. we had a really good transfer meeting and we got to hear from president porter--he is so awesome! so my new comp's name is elder holman. he is from utah and has been out for 10 months. this area is doing well, except for what happend to a*** this week. i will write about that in mom's email. i will get to skype on christmas at around 10:30 am, although we don't get to call on christmas eve like jake did. they really enforce skyping for 45 mins, so no more than that. well, this week wasn't as tough as i thought it would be, it was still hard taking over though. elder holman was made district leader thankfully. i know i have been put here at this time for a  reason. i just have to trust in God. you must have had a fun day Sunday, it sounds like. those are some cool scriptures you shared with me, it is always nice to get those from you haha. i will definitely keep that in mind. that is cool you finally got to see the s family, how are they doing? tell the allreds merry christmas for me and i definitely felt their prayers. that is way awesome about the utes winning the bowl, but they always screw up for at least a solid quarter in all thier games it seems hahaha! that is great they beat byu though hahaha. hopefully usu can play well in their bowl! have fun at the work lunch--that is probably way good food. so you probably have a few days off this week then? thank you so much for sending the bratzeli cookies! i am sure they will taste good, i can't wait to make some when i get home hahaha. that must be an  awesome talk from pres.monson i will have to go and read it, i really like that quote and i know that to be true, that as i do give all my might to this work i will see miracles and help bless the lives of others. i am grateful that i have this opportunity to be out here serving the lord for another year and a half, i have already seen blessings from it and i am sure you guys have, too. thank you so much for all you do to keep me out here, i know it is a lot, thankyou so much. i hope you guys have an awesome christmas as well, i love you so much and i look forward as well to talk with you guys over skype, it will be fun. i will talk with you in a few days, love you so much, have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek
hey mom! so this week was kinda crazy, my new comp's name is elder holman. we will see how this turns out. we get to skype for 45 mins on christmas, and we will be doing it at about 10:30-ish Ohio time so be ready anywhere from 8-9. sadly, we don't get to call on christmas eve like jake did, so i will talk to you on skype haha. so this week we didn't have anyone show to church, it was really sad. a*** OD'd on heroin and got in a car wreck, so he is probably going to jail. that really blows!! we were able to teach s*** and he seems pretty solid--we have a lesson with him tonight and he is making us dinner. we were also able to talk to w****, and he is having us back today. other than that, not much has changed. 
i was able to get my packages! could you tell ann & jim and gma & gpa h thank you for me?  tell them i will be able to use that, and it will come in handy! (they gave me a card and money). geeze louise, Syd's boy has gotten huge! holy cow! thank you so much for the packages! i can't wait to see what's inside on christmas! 
you are probably getting pretty busy with christmas it sounds like, i am sure all those parties will be fun! and were fun! that must be nice to have everyone home for christmas, i am excited for when i am back home hahaha. that was a way cool story about sister E, it is always nice to hear those stories about the holidays! i am glad i get to be a missionary during christmas too, i only get two of them. they are kinda tough, but it is cool to talk about Christ all day around his birthday! well, that is it for updates of this week, how have you been?
i am sorry i have no pics to send this week, i need to get a card reader so i can send them to you, so maybe next week i will be able to.
okay mom, i have to go now. it was great to talk to you, thank you for all you do for me, i love you all so much! i will talk to you on friday! love you!

-Elder Sedlacek

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