Monday, December 7, 2015

We live in a day of miracles, we just have to see them.

hey dad! so this week was pretty tough, it seemed like no one wanted to talk to us and there was just a lot of opposition. we hardly got to even extend baptism which was kinda tough, because that is what really gets me fired up and gives me such joy--to ask people to be baptized--because it is fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. but yesterday it all changed! A**** showed up to church! it was awesome! i had been having a hard morning, i was kinda down on myself, thinking stuff like "what am i doing wrong, why can't i just baptize more?" stuff like that haha and then we walk into sacrament and A**** is sitting there! it was a huge testimony builder for me that miracles really do come right after the greatest opposition, it was awesome. we did not get to visit with g***** or a**** this week sadly, that's part of why it was such a huge miracle to see a**** and his family at church. i have some grace to share in the general email to mom, so stay posted haha. but that is way funny about duke haha--that crazy dog. that is good about church, you must teach pretty awesome or something haha you teach often. that is good your shoulder is feeling better, so you got a lot of work done then, huh? good deal. do you get enough help around the yard? hopefully so. you must be getting pretty excited to have a grandbaby huh? haha thanks for all the bowl updates the other elders like it too hahhaha me and elder n KNOW utah will win hahaha!!  the fast meetings here are pretty good most of the time, i usually don't worry too much about investigators in fast meetings just because the spirit will testify to them what they need to hear. i know that to be true. that is an awesome quote thanks! well it was great to hear from you dad! i love reading your emails each week! i want you to know that. Well, talk to you later dad, I love you!
-Elder Sedlacek
hey mom! so this week was slow and tough, i wrote more about it in dad's email. we had interviews with president this week, and that was good. he said he is proud of me and that i am a hard worker, he is so awesome. we also took some recent converts to the temple on Saturday to the Columbus temple, it was way fun. so this morning, some awesome grace happend!  we went to look at macy's downtown to see if they had any clearance suits, no such luck. so then we hopped on the bus to get to the church, but we bought hot dogs before we got on, and the lady that was running the hot dog stand started talking to us, and now she is committed to church on sunday!!!! heck yes! then we got on the bus and this guy starts talking to us. i ask for his name to get his info, and he is like i will have to spell it out for you and so he says "R-I-C-K" i was like are you joking me? hahahaha he was serious too hahaa and so he is now planning to come to the ward Christmas dinner and church on Sunday too! heck yeah! and then boom! we got two media referrals right after! it was sick! so yeah, we are pretty much gonna dunk the world as elder n says haha. 
that is a cool story about the hopewell indians, no i have not heard about it yet, maybe i will. i am actually reading about Captain Moroni right now in the Book of Mormon. yes, the strips did arrive a few days ago, thank you for sending them. you will have to send the package soon, hahaha i really don't know if i am getting transferred or not.  idk. we will find out. mia's play must have been fun, then huh? that is cool you got to see the martins, they are awesome. haha i look forward to the day when i can finally do some yard work again everyday, that was so much fun to me haha. you guys really must be sore from working saturday! hahaha we helped r**** senior with his lawn care this week. it was 30 degrees outside, so it really felt like 20 haha but the lawns here still have to be mowed on a regular basis. they are perfectly green--about as green as Utah gets in the summer and that is yellow for here. we cut r****'s lawn and stacked his wood. that dinner for Sarah's dance must have been fun, it sounds like, you probably had fun cooking for all those teens huh? hahaha you probably killt it. did you make them warsh the dishes then? yep, sundays are the best, i really don't know how i get up every morning! i go to bed and like 30 seconds pass by and it is 6:30 a.m. already! hahaha i am pretty sleepy most of the time after about noon hahahaha that is mission life though. that is a great quote you shared, thanks for sharing that. we live the truth of that everyday, i definitely have a testimony of that!
Mom: Sorry you had a tough week! I remember that every time Jake had a tough week, miracles would soon follow. I'm glad your strips arrived! I'm pretty sure I put the wrong zip code on the package, so I was worried. I prayed it would make it! I'll be sending your Christmas package this week. Molly left her mark on it, but I'm not going to tell you what haha.
yep that is the way that it always happens, miracles are still here, we still live in a day of miracles, we just have to see them. yep, the strips arrived on time and i did not notice if it was a wrong zip or not. thanks for all the packages you send to me, it really means a lot! i would not be able to be out here if it weren't for you! i guess i will find out what mark molly left then huh?
i think i am suit sleeves are shorter and so are my shirts. 
Mom: So how are your blood sugars, especially if you are having a growth spurt? I can order more insulin at the end of the month, are you okay on that?
it is pretty easy to manage right now, my insulin is really good right now. i won't need much for a while, i will let you know.

well i have to go now, it was great to hear from you, i am excited to skype on christmas, then i can tell you a lot of stories and stuff i can't share over email. well, have a great week mom, good luck with everything, i love you all so much! talk to you Later!
--Elder Sedlacek

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