Friday, January 29, 2016

The atonement is truly our greatest gift.

Emailing Elder Sed was weird this week, because we weren't getting our emails in order when we tried to chat back-and-forth. Hopefully it's better next week! 
hey dad! so this was a pretty good week. we did find a new investigator from a referral who lives downtown, he is a older man named LC. he is super solid. he has already read over 150 pg's of the Book of Mormon. we have a follow up appointment on wednesday, i am excited for him. the other new investigator, p, we took a member with us to see him on saturday and he bashed us! hahaha he wants concrete evidence that the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith story are true, so we told him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. he was just like"i won't find if it is true just by reading it, because i read the Bible and i believe it is the only true word of God." so yeah, I was just trying to bear a simple testimony and invite him to read it, so he said he would read a little. hopefully he gets a witness of it by our next appointment. so yep that is the news for 'gators this week. the others we are just trying to get them to keep commitments. i like the thought you shared about helping people see they are needed. it is true though about that. the latest mission training was good. we had to do a few role plays. i am excited for the Broncos, hopefully they play well, then payton can get one more under his belt before he retires. i am sorry you are so swamped at work, it is good that you are feeling better though. i will pray for you! it will all work out. i am glad brother allred is doing well, i wish i could visit him myself. it would tough to be lonely like that. that is good you were able to help everyone with snow removal. i loved doing that as you know hahaha, that was one of my favorite parts  of the winters in utah. here the snow melts off in a few days and we only get about 2 inches on average--it is nice. i am glad about the family history work, i am excited to get into it when i get home, and thank you for the talk this week! i will keep all that in mind, that definitely helps! well thanks for emailing me dad! i love you so much! good luck with work and have a great week! i will talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek
hi mom! so this week was good. it went kinda fast except for the last few days. the meetings we had this week with the broadcast and the training you got a pic from were awesome, i love those types of things. the hardest part of the week was yesterday, my comp was feeling sad the whole day. to make matters worse, i went through a less active list to visit a few of them, and we spent all afternoon trying to contact those and not one was a legit address! it was a rough day hahaha. 
LC was my fave person of the week, his lessons were awesome! you can read about him in dad's email. i am sorry about your tooth, that must have been severely painful! i am glad you are feeling better, i prayed for you, hopefully it helped. that is funny about what libby said about your numb face. she is hilarious, she is my young humor padawon! hahaha that is awesome you relied on the atonement like that, it truly is our greatest gift, the only way i have survived thus far is with that power of the atonement. you can literally rely on the atonement to help you with everything, the savior really did truly suffer for everything and he DOES know all of us way more than we can even comprehend! it is mind boggling and amazing! 
i have 4 vials of insulin left, and a lot of strips as well, so if you could wait like a week or two longer before sending them, that would be great. thank you though mom! that is cool Jessie got her mission call, you will have to wish her luck for me, she will do great. that is really crazy, it has already been 6 months! wow!
Mom: You sure I should wait on sending your stuff? If you get transferred next week it'll be another week before I have your new address.
Elder Sed: i have a lot of extra strips and i knew you would not know until the week after.  i already have a lot of supplies, so if i get transferred i don't want as much to pack up haha.
Mom: Any thoughts on whether you might be transferred? I loved the picture Bro. P sent of you from your mission conference, that was really nice of him!
Elder Sed: i think i might be, but then again, anything can happen hahaha. yep, bro.p is nice! love the guy. well, i have to go now, it was great to hear from you mom! i love you mom! love all you guys! hopefully the email works better next week. talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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