Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The humidity is something I won't miss!

August 1, 2016 Emails

hey dad! this was a good week as well, it is always a good week hahaha. our investigators are so promising right now, M** and her kids have said they want to be baptized already, and she is progressing so much, they read the Book of Mormon everyday as a family, and the Book of Mormon story book for the kids. we extended a date to her of the 13th of Aug, but she was  thinking along the lines of January. Nah! haha so we still had her pray about the 13th, and we have been fasting for her to move up the date. hopefully she can realize how important it is for her to do it as soon as possible. she is so solid! she signed up to feed us this Friday, and i was looking forward to some authentic Mexican food, but she texted us and told us she is horrible at cooking so she is taking us out somewhere, which is good too. hahaha. J*** is still working towards the 20th, but she has to be living the Word of Wisdom by this Saturday. she still has a little to go before she is fully living it with the smoking, so we gave her a blessing and she is still 100% committed to it, so we also fasted for her. keep them both in your prayers. we have been teaching another guy named T**, we had a chapel tour with him this past week, sadly he did not come to church though. i think he might have been working, but he is a pretty cool guy. we are still deciding his commitment level, so we will see where he goes. we were also able to find a few more new people, so we will be stopping by to see them this week, and we will see how they turn out. no word from P**, although she is still keeping in contact with one of the members, so there is still some fellow-shipping going on there, which is awesome. i am sure she will be baptized some day. 

we have a few members that help us out pretty regularly, there is a guy, Bro Darling, he is awesome. he helps us out a lot. then J**'s brother in law, that she lives with, loves to help us teach M** and her kids. he is an older gentlemen, and loves kids. he is awesome. there are a few more that help us out regularly, so it is nice. 

that sounds like it was a good sacrament, that is awesome. good job on the family history stuff!  i hope the court of honor went well, hahaha i don't think you will ever get away from the scouting program hahaha. sounds like you are going to be swamped at work pretty soon hahaha that stinks, but that is also good, it sounds like you got all caught up with the quietness. i bet that will be fun to watch the Olympics. wow, so the girls are going to actually take hunter safely? who knows, i could see Mia hunting a little for some reason hahaha, maybe they will, that is cool. 

yeah, the Reds are doing terrible, hahaha there was a lady that was like, "of course they are losing, they are terrible!" hahahaha that made me laugh. that was a good conference talk, i read a talk titled "why 1820?" and it really explained why the restoration happened when and where it did. the Lord knew that was the perfect place, a perfect evironment to have a young man grow up in, so he could ask the right question at the right time, and do what was necessary with the answer he would receive. it is truly remarkable that the plates were buried in a specific spot, just behind where a young man would live more than a thousand years later. that is amazing. i do know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that because of what he did we truly can live with God and Jesus Christ again as well as our families. what a promise to be able to live as a family for forever, that is perhaps what i look forward to most in the eternities. thanks so much for all you do for me Dad! i love you so much! have a great week, good luck with work! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! so this has been a good week. i have written about all the 'gators in Dad's email for the week. but hey, we had six gators at church this week, it has been awesome! i can believe i've been out a year, and yet i can't, it is weird, it doesn't seem like a year and that i should not be able to say that yet, but it has at the same time. weird feeling. that is crazy i fly home on the 31st, weird, so that means that 4 years from when jake left, both our missions will be over! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! that is gross! terrible! haahaha. 

we have been seeing the success lately, we had a bunch of members out with us this week and we on average hit about 7 member-present lessons, it's awesome.  we work hard together and we get along well too. it has been super hot lately, been around 95 or so, and with 80-90 percent humidity, usually 90, it feels like over 100, it is weird. the humidity is something i won't miss! hahaha it feels like a rain forest. 

one tender mercy we had was being able to do a chapel tour with T**, i wrote about it in Dad's. that was cool, we knew we needed to do a chapel tour, so we just altered our appointment with him and it worked out great. my favorite investigator is probably M**'s five year old son, he is hilarious, he was hanging around me the whole lesson we had and was trying to show me stuff while we were teaching, he is a little ball of energy! hahaha they have some sheep in their yard that their Grandpa takes care of, and he ran up to one of the sheep and it butted him and knocked him so hard one of his shoes came off. he just got up like nothing happened and started chasing after it hahahaha it was so funny. 

my favorite part of the week was getting to help at the food pantry on Friday. i heard Bro. P was heading to the temple soon, so that is awesome he made it! that is so cool! good for him! 

it is good you have been getting better sleep at night, but i am not surprised the tourniquet area is sore though haha. it sounds like you have a full recovery ahead of you then, that should be fun (sarcastically). i will keep you in my prayers for sure! that is awesome you were able to make it to church, that is sweet. i am glad you got to hear Madi speak and get to take the sacrament. i find the atonement more and more amazing everyday. it can help us do anything, even if i get bored in studies, i can pray to have the motivation to keep studying hard, and He will give it to me. the atonement truly does make everything possible, all because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He can command the winds and the rain, the mountains to move, and He listens to our every cry for help and is there at every step, helping us along the way, because He made it possible to return to his presence. i am so grateful for our Savior, i know how much we can do if we just rely on his infinite mercy and his guiding hand, we truly can accomplish everything. the mission is a gift from God, and i am so grateful i chose to open that gift, because of my mission and the Savior, i am changed and i am a better person. 

well i have to go now, have a great week as well, good luck with the PT! i love you so much! i shouldn't need anything else, thanks Mom for all you do! talk to you later!

Elder Sedlacek 

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