Thursday, August 18, 2016

We ate some cactus and it's a miracle we found some, cause, well hello! It's Ohio!

August 15, 2016 Emails

hey Dad, so it was a good week. i have never thought about praying for a good week in particular, just a good successful day, but i will try that. so J** fell off date of the 20th, so she is moved to the 3rd of September. hopefully she can do it sooner, but unfortunately she had a small relapse on smoking. we will see how that works out. M**** is doing well, she is now thinking about being baptized in September so she is working towards choosing a date--she should have one soon. she is fixing a lot of the issues that she has and is showing a great amount of faith. it is great to see! T** was not able to make it to church this week because he was working. he works at a grocery store chain out here. we had a really good chat with him about why he meets with us, and he really is working towards making his life better, and has really felt closer to God as we have been meeting with him. he is doing better at keeping his commitments now, which is good. the others we have talked to are making their way along. one of the new investigators we found last week, asked us to give them a blessing and that was a cool experience. 

one miracle we had this week, was when M**** wanted to move up her prospective date from Januray to September. that was awesome, the Spirit can do amazing things! we also did a fun service project hauling loads of mulch up and down a hill in to a guy's backyard and dumping it back there, it was super fun. 

that is good you had a good week at work Dad. although not good with the demand, i remember with having to deal with min-max's at Hobby Town, that stuff is a pain to me. hahaha hopefully you will be able to catch up now. 

that is so crazy that Jeff's brother is home now, that is weird. it is so crazy to see the pics of the girls! man, have Mia and Libby grown, holy crap! it is even more weird that i will be home in a year! gross! hahaha. 

here in the greatest OCM, we teach about the Spirit, before anything else. i like the scripture Moroni 7:13, it talks about how the Spirit invites and entices us to do good continually. that is one of the major blessings that we can receive, is the will and desire to do good, as we listen to the Spirit. we were talking to a guy from downtown yesterday and he was asking me if i had ever seen a man "receive the Spirit" and i knew instantly he was another Pentecostal. i said, "that depends on what you call receiving the Spirit", then i explained Galatians 5:22 to him. the Spirit really does bring peace to our souls and our minds when things are not going well, or when trials and challenges stand in our way. we turn to the lessons we have been taught that we truly are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and he loves us enough to speak to us through the Holy Spirit. we truly can rely on that influence to guide our lives, and i know that is true. thanks for all you do for me Pops! have a great week! i love you Dad! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, so it was another good week as usual. the days are long, but the weeks fly by like days, and the months turn to weeks. it is weird, i remember Jake saying that. i just remember sitting in ward council each week, and suddenly i am there again, it is crazy. 

i did get the package, thanks so much! the steak strips are so good, they are always a special treat! thank you! and the speaker is a nice tool, i knew i should have just taken it anyway. i will keep looking for a blue & white paisley tie, hahaha, you just keep recovering Mom. 

probably the hardest thing that happened this week was showing up to a baptism and having M**** not be there, but then the next day we took her to another one, she just forgot about the first one. one tender mercy was having an awesome meal appointment last night. i told the member about Dad's bear rug fever and they liked that! hahaha it was just a fun meal appointment, it gave us some time to relax for 45 mins. 

i am really happy about your knee becoming more and more mobile, that is really good. that is good you are starting to sleep better too. you will eventually get there. that is weird that Jeff's brother is home now, that is crazy. good that he was able to get a little taller, i have been meaning to measure myself but i keep forgetting haha. there is a reason that they say patience is a virtue. i am working on my patience right now too. i was reading about it this morning, and patience is so important for us, we not only have to be patient with others but with ourselves. i am working on being patient with myself and others. we can often get caught up in the fact that we are not good enough, or our other faults, when we really have to be focusing on improving those things. doing the opposite will only tear us down and make life harder and more miserable. if the Lord can be patient with me, than i can be patient with me hahaha. well, sorry there isn't much else to update, do you have any questions to ask me? feel free to ask, it is hard for me to spit out a whole week on a page, so i do miss stuff that happened hahaha.

Mom: What did you do for p-day last week? What was your really good dinner appointment?

we actually went to Get Air last week, that was super fun. the Get Air they have out here has a bunch of American Ninja Warrior stuff on it, and it was super fun! the members fed us some really good green beans, which i absolutely love now! hahah also some sweet corn and pasta with a meat sauce that you pour on top, it was really good. then he showed me his Mormon Doctrine book. i need one haha!

we ate some cactus we found this morning at the other Elders' apartment, which is a miracle we found some, cause, well hello, it's Ohio!

Mom: Cactus? I didn't know you could eat it. Is it good?

Elder Erickson had eaten some before, and it's good. it tastes kinda like kiwi. i like it!

well, i have to go now Mom! thanks so much for emailing me and for all you do! you're the best Mom! i love you and everyone else too! talk to you later! i just remembered i forgot to answer Sarah, sorry Sarah! next week! i read it though! bye!

Elder Sedlacek

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