Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We all have our own purposes, and when you figure out why you are where you are, life becomes a whole lot simpler.

A golden camel marked Elder Sedlacek's "hump day"

August 8, 2016 emails

hey Dad, so this has been another great week. first off i have a funny story about J**. so the other day we got a text that two Baptists showed up at her door with tracts, a particular church that hates Mormons, and they tried to bash her. she went off on this guy and totally disproved him to the point of him putting his head down and walking away! hahahaha i know it is bad to tear someone down like that, but he tried to bash our promising investigator, who is so excited to be baptized that she announced it at church to everyone she saw, so it was super funny to hear that, all she says is, "i won" hahaha. 

J** quit smoking and is living the Word of Wisdom as of now, so she can be baptized. she tried to smoke a few days before she quit, and said that as soon as she tried she couldn't even breathe, so she ripped up the cigarettes and threw them on the ground. that was an awesome miracle. i am so excited for her. M**** is doing well, she is still just as committed as ever, she actually took us and her boys out to eat at a restaurant, Mexican food, that was super cool. she still won't commit to a specific date for soon, but wants it to be a few months down the road. so we have been fasting and praying for her to pick a date sooner than later. her boys all want to be baptized, and she has quit using coffee at work, just brings milk and hot chocolate. 

we also found a few new 'gators and had some good lessons with them. one a new couple, they really seemed to like the Restoration lesson, so we are bringing them a Book of Mormon tomorrow, and another young guy, A***, that lesson was so powerful, let me tell you! the spirit was so strong when he read James 1:5 to us that it felt like it was going to knock me on the floor, it was awesome! so we will continue to stop by with both of them and assess their commitment level. that is mostly it for gators, we finally were able to make some contact with a few less actives we have been trying to meet recently. so it was a super good week. 

that is a super cool story from Bro W., that is awesome. it is cool to see the Lord's hand in our lives like that. seems like you had a meeting focused on love, that is good, because love truly is the one of the most important things in the work of salvation. the plan of salvation is completely encompassed in love. it does make a better world to live in that is for sure. that sounds mushy but it is true. that is super cool that mom is doing so well with her recovery, that is awesome. it sounds like fun with the Olympics, and with the Red Sox, hahaha you like both teams i forgot, well that makes it easy. that is cool about the girls and getting into shooting, they must like it. precision shooting, that sounds like my kind of event other than the Olympic lifting hahaha, that is cool too. that's so cool the Philly temple is going up, that is awesome. that is so true about leaders. a leadership calling does not make you a leader. you must live worthily of the priesthood authority you carry and you must love the people you serve and be focused on how to help them learn and grow. a leader is someone who changes patterns for the better and leads by example in a way to motivate and lift, just like the conference talk, lift where you stand. and the scripture that talks about presiding well over a few things and then the Lord will give you the stewardship over many things. i like that thought. thanks Dad, for all you do, i say it all the time, but it means so much to me. you're the best Dad! i love you! have a great day! and another great week! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! so it was a great week, i wrote all about the 'gators and teaching pool in Dad's as usual, but suffice it to say, it was a spiritual week, so you will have to read through those. hey a package! thanks Mom! that will be awesome, i will look forward to it. 

i love the new apartment, it is nice and spacious and plenty of room to jump rope! hahaha although we usually go outside, but then i do it while Elder E showers hahaha. there are so many people from India here. oh my gosh! you would think i live in the Middle East. they don't believe in Christ as the Savior, so it is super weird to teach them when they let us in. It is a big change from teaching Catholics and Baptists my whole mission, who already believe in Christ.

i wrote about some tender mercies in Dad's email and the miracles that happened. but i guess one specifically for me would be being able to get back into good shape again, my six pack is back, jack! hahah More important, being able to feel the spirit testify through me to touch the hearts of others. i received an impression that part of why i am still in this area is to help J** specifically. 

it sounds like you are making a lot of progress with your leg, that is awesome! hahaha that workout dialog of what you do in PT made me laugh out loud. hahaha that was funny, thanks for that hahaha. now you know how i felt after lifting and why i would eat so much just before i left hahahaha. 

it sounds like a good lesson in YW, i am glad you got the help you needed and that it went so well. isn't it amazing to see how the Lord impresses people and uses their experience to bless the lives of others? when the Savior is giving the sermon on the mount, and he is talking about he salt losing its savor, and then it is cast out because now it is worthless and of no use, we are like the salt. all of our unique personalities and traits that we all have, they are all very vital to the Lord's work. that is what makes up our savor, or flavor hahaha, in other words, we have to be ourselves and the Lord will place us where he needs us and can use our gifts and talents best. he didn't put me on the earth to be the highest baptizing missionary, or the best teacher, but to help motivate and to lift others, to help others be themselves, and to help comfort others. i have thought about this a lot and i really do believe that is what the Lord wants me to do. we all have our own purposes and when you figure out your purpose for why the Lord sends you to where you are, life becomes a whole lot simpler. all we have to do is follow Him. i know that is true. thanks for raising me right Mom and Dad! thanks for all you do for me! you're the best! 

thanks for the pic of your knee! it looks good though, i would not have thought you had gotten surgery a few weeks prior! my blood sugars are doing well, i have had to do a whole bunch of adjusting on my basals at night, but they are doing well now.  i should get another A1C within a few weeks, the mission doc will have to order me one soon.

well, i have to go now, thanks for emailing me Mom! you're the best! i am excited for the package! thanks for that in advance! today we are going to get air! yeah! well i hope you have a great week! i love you Mom! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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