Wednesday, September 14, 2016

By the way, we live in a barn.

hey Dad, it has been a very slow but good week nonetheless. i am in Noblesville Indiana with Elder Bischoff. he is from Texas.  it will be an interesting transfer.  i do really love the guy, he is a good kid. he has been out for nine months. i have to find out how to help him. he is very brash, but i am very nice to him and try to see things his way. i won't go into anymore specifics, but we do get along and don't argue, so that is good hahahaha. 

as for the area, we have a shared car and so half the time we are walking. Elder B doesn't like to bike. the area is a wealthier part of Indiana. it's like Bountiful, but spread out more. i love the area and the people, although we have no "real" investigators. i say real because the previous missionaries would just hang out with these people, so i am afraid they might have to be "dropped" or given commitment lessons. we are basically starting anew. 

the downtown area of Noblesville is a poorer area, and that is what we are limited to on foot. we pretty much saw the same four people this week: a recently re-baptized member named C**** who is blind, a recent convert named K*** and a less-active named T***. that is pretty much who we saw this week, it was tough going from high-octane with Elder Erickson to the slower pace in this area hahahaha. it's okay though, i know the Savior will help me to bring this area to life. plus, the ward is awesome and the bishop played football for Coach Wall at Bountiful back in the 80s, and played alongside Coach Boog! Small world! hahaha 

that sounds like a way cool conference you went to, i bet that was awesome to see. i really like the stuff you shared about Teaching in the Savior's Way. that is so true, that is the line that separates missionaries as being teachers and being tools in the Lord's hands. you have to love these investigators and focus so much on their needs. there is a reason why missionary work is so tiring, it's because it should and does take an immense amount of focus. that is the only way that you can truly have the spirit to bear witness of the truthfulness of this gospel and see rapid growth in the gospel. the spirit can always be there, but if you don't teach to the needs of the investigators, you will not see as much growth as could take place. 

we actually saw the score last night for the Colts game, that was sad to see hahahaha, and i heard about the Utah game, that is sad the way they played, they need to step it up it sounds like. poor USU, it sounds like they all had a bad weekend as far as sports go. i bet that was fun to go up the cabin, that is my favorite place in the world (other than the temple hahaha): Smith and Morehouse, the best lake in history! hahaha that will be fun to go next fall. sounds like fall is hitting Utah now too, the corn out here is going brown so it's about ready to harvest, and the soybeans are close behind, it's crazy to think i only have one more summer out here, and the last fall. fall is absolutely beautiful out here. 

well, thanks for emailing me Dad, if you happen to have any advice for me, that would be great. that has been the subject of most of my prayers lately, is helping my comp. well thanks for all you do Dad, i will talk to you later! have a great week, love you Dad!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! so it has been a tough week but a good one. i wrote a little about the area to Dad. i am not surprised you knew where i was. it was so fun to see the Cs at transfers! when F**** saw me he was sitting in his truck, but he stood up and gave me a big hug. hahaha i love that guy. they are going through the temple soon, and since i am so close to the Indiana temple maybe i will be able to go, i don't know. 

i am glad you liked the card hahaha, and the application hahaha. it is good to be back in the sticks, although it is a little more populated than Batesville but spread out. the ward is great, i love it. i love Indiana, you can always hear country music playing  in the background and people just chilling or playing corn pown ( bean bag toss haha). 

i wrote about my comp in Dad's email, he just wants to prove to me that he is "smarter" and "knows everything." yesterday he told me i am way too sentimental and take way too much value in everything, even in things that should not have value (i.e. just sentimental things) it is just stuff like that, but he can't really hurt me haha. 

if you could send some strips soon that would be awesome. that sounds like you had a good birthday, that is awesome. sounds like you had fun at the cabin and a good time watching the game, that is good. now i really will have to get a kayak, everyone had one in West Chester. Speaking of, West Chester was doubled out so Sisters could come in, and they are in training so that was why me and Elder Erickson were there, for J** and to set up the area for training :) hahaha. 

i did have some tender mercies this week. we had an awesome meal last night at a members house, they had way good food and the Olive Garden dressing, the Italian by the way, is the best i have had in my entire life. the dad called me Elder Ledzecki by mistake hahahaha! some challenges were just being overwhelmed the first few days, but hey, prayer is the answer to everything, that is true. 

by the way, we live in a barn, i will send pics hahahaha. it sounds like you had a good anniversary too, that is good. happy late one by the way! that sounds like such a good conf too. you did have a great birthday week! hahaha 

well i know this church is true, i am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve a mission. i know that the scriptures bring spiritual power that cannot be matched. if we hearken to the counsel of the apostles and the prophet we can do all things and achieve all that the Father has. i am so grateful for this gospel and the calling that i hold, with all the power and authority that goes with it. even me, a 19-year-old kid that looks like a 16-year-old and has not much scriptural knowledge on hand, can work miracles. the Lord allows us to have this calling and that  is so cool. thanks for all you do to keep me out here, it means everything! 

Pics: our church building is in Fishers Indiana, which is in the Indianapolis mission, so we see the Indi APs all the time at church, and it's their mission office hahaha crazy huh?

some members are doing our laundry for us this morning, and that is the view from their house. they are awesome!

well, i have to go now Mom. i am serious, i don't want you to spend a lot on a package. thanks for all you do Mom! i love you all so much! have a great day! and week! i will talk to you later! love you Mom!

P.S. -Elder Ledzecki hahaha! i carved accent lines into one of my tags as a joke, and people think they are real so it helps them get closer to pronouncing our name right hahahaha! 

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