Friday, September 2, 2016

Ohio bugs are huge and nasty!

hi dad, it has been a good week. it was a little bit slower week than normal, but it still went pretty well all around. all of our investigators are doing well. as of today, J** will still be baptized on the 3rd, i am so excited for her! her brother-in-law will be doing the baptism, and we will get to participate in the confirmation, so that will be cool. we had stake conference this week, and so we had J** and M**** come to the Saturday night session, plus J** came to the Sunday session. M**** was not able to make it to the Sunday session. T** did not answer his phone, so we don't know if he had to work or not, or whatever. 

J** is just as excited as ever and feels ready to be baptized. M**** had us over for dinner on Saturday, that was super cool.  her mom made the authentic Mexican food; it was really good. her mom can't speak any English, so she was asking us questions and i understood maybe a 1/4 of it hahahaha but when we left i said "gracias," and they looked at me funny so i was like "gringo!" and they all laughed hahaha! 

M**** is still keeping her commitments and is coming close to the decision to be baptized, we are just waiting for it to happen. T** is doing well and is working on his tobacco use, and is reading, so that is awesome. we are about to dunk all of our teaching pool here soon, so we are trying to find new people, and as you know, it is tougher in this area. we are starting to work with a few people, but it seems a lot of them just can't say no to us, so they don't always keep the appointment, which sucks. 

it is super cool that football has started up again. i almost bought a cool Bengals snap back the other day with my birthday money, but decided not to. that sounds like you are getting the job done at work. that is awesome they called you in to help them, you must be gaining a lot of trust. it is amazing how the Lord uses us to do His will. 

oh i miss those nectarines, the ones off our tree are so good! hahaha i bet you have had fun mowing the lawn this summer, just wait til i get back, that lawn will look gorgeous hahaha! people don't manicure lawns out here, they just cut it to keep it looking decent hahaha. that is good the girls did so well on the test, now we will have to get them both a buck or two. you will have to put me in for a tag next fall by the way.  

the Seventy who came to speak to us this past week, talked a lot about consecration. it truly is a very important thing to live by. the mission has taught me so much about consecration. we all have to work on our level of consecration at times, but as we follow the example of the Savior, the perfect example, we will always be able to learn and grow and gain more intelligence in this life, which prepares us for the life to come. the law of consecration is a celestial law, which means we must learn to live by that law in order to achieve celestial glory. i know that as we sincerely do the Lord's will, we will be blessed with more desire to do good, and recieve many blessings. thanks again for all you do Dad, you're the greatest, have an awesome week! love you Dad! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey mom, it has been a good week. last p-day we didn't have much to do, so we napped for a good solid two hours, that was AWESOME! hahaha i felt so much better! hahaha today we have a zone sports day in Hamilton so we will drive up there to play some games. 

our main investigators both came to church. we had stake conference, so Elder Hemula from the Seventy came to speak the mission on Friday, and then spoke at all the stake conference sessions. he did an awesome job. my favorite part of the week was probably having dinner at M****'s house, or having our old mini-missionary come out with us again. he is in the Hamilton ward. my favorite person was probably a really cool 96 year old man who we met yesterday. it was hot as all get out, and he was just sittin' out there. he is blind, and just calls out if he hears anyone coming, so we went to chat with him for a sec, he was super cool! a miracle was probably just getting some members out with us last minute a few times, that was awesome. the biggest challenge was probably the heat and the rain. like i said yesterday was hot as blazes, and we actually had what's called a heat alert, above 90 with very high humidity. i never sweat very much in Utah, but that was because it is dry, here it sticks to you, so you just keep adding to the sweat on your face til it drips.

it sounds like you had a good week with physical therapy and everything, that is good. i hope you also have a good week with work and stuff. i did get the strips, thanks so much for sending them! i got them just in time hahahaha. you could probably just keep the pump supplies there, and keep it for an emergency. could you tell the J family thank you for me! they are awesome! 

oh and could you tell Sister Elton thanks as well, i got the card that they sent, it was very nice! hahaha poor Jake and Jeff, back to classes. that stinks, i am not looking forward to going back to that, that's for sure hahaha. Brig looks so cute hahahaha, i loved those pics you sent! so does he like his new room? it is cool they got into a bigger apartment, mine is bigger than their old apartment, that says a lot hahaha. i can't believe we moved that piano in there in the first place!

that is so true about men's and women's roles, Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he ordained marriage between man and woman. i can definitely say, from living with another man for a whole year, man and man are not meant to be hahahaha. i am so grateful for the opportunity we have to be married in the temple for time and eternity, that is one of the greatest blessings we have been given by Heavenly Father. i am so grateful for that. the roles definitely do compliment each other and are meant to be used together, as a whole unit. 

thanks for emailing me Mom, i  hope work is going well, maybe we will get to email back and forth.

the pics include some fun bugs we found. our apartment a/c was flooded this week. i heard a dripping noise and opened the radiator, and the cavity in the wall was full of water, so now the carpet is all wet around it. the maintenance guys won't do anything to really fix it, it's a mess. but we found the bug on the wall in our closet. Ohio bugs are huge and nasty!

thanks Mom, for all you do! you're the greatest! i hope you have a good week as well! i will talk to you later! oh, transfers are next week btw. love ya!

-Elder Sedlacek

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