Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Every prayer I say includes asking for some more people to teach

Elder Sed likes this license plate, for obvious reasons. :) 

hey Dad, it has been a pretty good week. for the teaching pool, we are really just working with the same people over and over again, so it's kinda frustrating for me. i am trying my best to find new people, but unfortunately, it's really just me trying to find haha. so it's kinda difficult! 

we are still working with the amputee, G***, he is a nice guy and really likes us, but he told us he is only meeting with us for the friendship. my comp is refusing to de-focus from him though, so i am doing my best to be bold with G. hopefully we can help to get him to increase his desire. we are still working with a few other investigators that aren't really progressing a whole lot, so we are in need of a bigger teaching pool pretty badly. it seems like every prayer i say includes asking for some more people to teach! there is not a whole lot to update with the teaching pool. 

one of the recent converts has been struggling to pray out loud, so we have been trying to help her with that. i ran the area on exchanges last week, and on exchanges we were able to have her say a super awesome prayer, so that was super cool. 

it sounds like you have a lot to do at work. that is good you have been getting some exercise in. you couldn't mow the lawn 'cause of rain! hahaha here, when the grass is soaked and it's pouring outside, they still will cut the grass haha! i heard about those Utah tornadoes, that is crazy! of course when i go away from Utah to a place with tornadoes, i get none and Utah has three, that is just my luck. just kidding haha!  

it has been hot here this past week, but today is significantly colder, and they removed the suit season rule, so we no longer have to wear suits unless it's to church or meetings, so that is super awesome, i will be able to stay warmer in the winter i think, because the suit pants are pretty light. that is cool the Utes are doing so well, that is awesome! thanks for the sports updates every week Dad! 

i like that thought from the talk, that is a really good one. i especially like where it talks about how you can't just rely on the Spirit to guide your every decision, the Lord trusts us to make the right decisions by ourselves sometimes. it is pretty special to have the Holy Ghost help us in our lives, those big questions and conflicts can be resolved as we turn to the Lord in prayer and listen to the voice of the Spirit, it will bless our lives immensely if we do so with faith. i can't wait for General Conference, it is going to be super awesome. 

well, thank you for emailing me every week Dad, sorry the update on investigators and teaching is a little skimpy, but i am doing my best to change that. it's just due to some tougher circumstances, but i won't complain, because i have been sent to this area for a reason. thank you for all your support! i hope you have a great week Dad! you're the best, keep up the good work! love you Dad! talk to you later. oh yeah, last p-day we went fishing and i caught a 10-inch Smallmouth, it was awesome! Elder Bischoff was super mad cause he didn't catch anything hahaha! it was funny. well have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, i am doing good today! it has been a pretty decent week again. i did get the package, thank you so much for that! i have not been able to use the gift card just yet, but we will have the car this week, so there is a good chance we will get to. i know this month has gone so fast! i can't believe it is almost October. i am excited for the weekend, it will be really nice to watch conference. 

sadly we did not find anyone new. every time i tried to do finding things, my comp strait-up shot them down, so we did not really get to do a whole lot of finding at all. he just wants to work with the same people, who aren't really progressing, and it tests my patience hahaha. 

But one old guy we are working with, J, he lives with his son, and his son has met us at the door a few times. this last time he came out when we were teaching the plan of salvation, and at the end we asked him to do the study guide at the back of the pamphlet, so we will see what he says about it.  

i am getting the lay of the land pretty well, i am getting a pretty good internal compass too lately, like Dad hahaha. i can usually tell which direction is which even without the mountains. that is super cool you got your knee bend to 120, good work Mom! your leg should be good in no time. yep, no more knee problems most likely after i get home! wow, has it really been 10 weeks since your surgery? holy smokes, that flew by. 

did Sarah have a good homecoming date? it sounds like it was a good General Women's meeting. i like the quotes about faith. faith and diligence and hard work can qualify us for the Savior's grace (enabling power) and that makes miracles happen in our lives. faith is the substance of all things. to increase faith, we do good works, which motivates us to do more good works. faith without works is dead. faith is the basis of the gospel of Jesus Christ. everything we do is based upon our faith and willingness to serve and follow the Savior's will. i especially like the one about listening differently to increase faith. you can hear something twice and get two different things out of it. that is interesting to think about, thanks for those quotes Mom! that is a really cool lesson from President Uchtorf's talk {"fourth floor last door"} i have been trying to help Elder Bischoff to learn that. he said he is scared to try and find, because of uncertainty, basically. finding is an act of faith, so i want to help him to increase his faith enough to go finding. that is a super cool story. well, that is the update for this week, how are you doing?

i have interviews with President on the 10th i think, but he is aware of the situation, i have been emailing him and he is in contact with the ZLs. he said some nice things to me. today we are with the Elwood Elders and are going to a fun day in Anderson, and a few flee markets. Elder B wants to go blow all his money, so i'm like "alright." how is Jake doing?

okay, got to go now Mom, i hope you have a great week! love you Mom! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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