Thursday, November 10, 2016

We have to convert ourselves before we can convert others.

Showing me that he bought new pants and hemmed them himself :)

hey Dad, it has been a good week. it was slow, but we got to work hard, which was good. for the investigators, A was bumming out on us so we were not able to meet with him. he was avoiding us, so we wonder what happened. then T has been doing the same thing--sleeping every other time we did not have something set up. we were able to receive some referrals though, so that was super cool. sadly, none of our 'gators made it to church. B is doing about the same, and also S. as for the other new people, we were not able to meet with them either. it was a slow week! 

we have been making an extra emphasis on asking for referrals, and it helps to receive media referrals, which is what we got, so that was super cool. last night a member family gave us a referral for one of thei kids' teachers to teach him in their home. we will do that on Sunday hopefully. we got Elder Nelson's bike, so we have been biking like crazy for the past few days and that has been nice. other than that we have not had much happen. 

sounds like work is going well, it is nice to be busy, i wish we were a little busier hahaha. sounds like you have graduated to full on Grandpa-Dad, haha! well done, just kidding, i bet that was fun to hand out the hot chocolate, you better be careful or Bonnie will put you out of business if  you get too big hahaha. YEAH! the Cubs won! that is super awesome, i was happy to hear that haha. that is too bad the Aggies lost, good that BYU beat Cinci hahaha, although i don't care either way for that, probably lean towards Cinci haha. 

i loved having the time change, it was super nice to have the extra hour of sleep, that was awesome! we had a good fast and testimony meeting too. there was a guy who walked in and was wearing a white "veterans for trump" t-shirt with an "i voted" sticker and an American flag pin with his suit slacks--it was so funny, i almost lost it. that guy is notorious for yelling at children in sacrament meeting hahaha. 

i did not see the worldwide training, we don't get to be part of it. that is interesting you share that scripture, cause i have created a lesson plan that i give to members, which consists of that scripture and a quote about helping others and whatever the Spirit directs in between. it is really a nice scripture, because it is so true--we can apply that to anything in teaching the gospel, we have to rely on the Holy Ghost to direct our thoughts and actions. it can help us in any part of our lives to do better. i know how much of a blessing the Spirit is in my life. i am so grateful to be on a mission to help others feel that guidance as well. thank you so much for all you do to help me keep serving. thanks for emailing me Dad, and i hope you have a great week! i love you Dad!

-Elder Sedlacek

p.s. my ward mission leader gave me some white tail venison, and man, it tastes like beef compared to muley, it is so good.

hey Mom,  i did get my insulin, thanks! it has been a good week, but a slower one. we did not get anyone to church despite our best efforts, and we were not able to find anyone. it was as if the adversary was working super hard to just kill all of our efforts. we worked super hard and did not have a whole lot of awesome success. i feel bad for my comp, he is how i used to be and does not quite understand what is a successful mission, so i hope i can help him with that. it was hard to feel like that, but we just have to do our very best. i wrote about the rest of it in Dad's email. 

to answer your questions: what built my faith was getting some more referrals--that in itself is an answer to my prayers, that was awesome.  my fave person was probably a guy named T. we got him to come back to church, so that was good. the most frustrating thing was having appointments cancel so many times, that was terrible, and it makes planning stressful. the best thing was the member referral we got from our dinner appointment last night. 

i bet Halloween was super fun, hahaha you are gonna have to compete with Bonnie! sounds like a success haha. that sounds like you have some good movies coming out too, keep the list, because i will want to see them. i did not get to see the training, that is cool though, it is true we have to convert ourselves before we can convert others. we cannot convert them beyond our own conversion. i always feel the need to strengthen my testimony, it can never be strong enough if you know what i mean. it can be so hard to try and bear testimony to someone, and you know things that they are not ready for, so as you keep it simple enough, because you just want to help them understand the blessings they can have in their lives. 

that is too bad you did not get as much of a fast as you wanted, i did not get to fast either, because i woke up low [low blood sugar], so that was kinda crummy. i had a lot to fast for too, but the Lord knows our hearts and our desires, so it does not matter, as long as we do our best. that is good about your knee, i bet you feel so much better. i love getting to exercise (as you know) it helps with everything. that's why i do pull-ups every night before bed, it relieves a lot of stress hahaha. i am doing 300 each night by the way hahaha. i am not sure about voting day on Tuesday, we will see, the lines outside of the judicial center in town have already been crazy enough with early voting. hahaha Brig sounds like a really funny kid, that's my nephew! hahaha 

Mom: Do you still try to fast one meal? I sent you a picture of Brig at church after the time change. He didn't like it too well. :)

yeah, i do fast when i am not low. Brig is a funny kid, i bet he did not like the time change! haha

well, i have to go now Mom, thanks for emailing me. it was great to hear from you, thanks for the pics of Briggy, especially the one with the costumes, i am lucky i did not laugh out loud at that one because we are in the library! well have a great week Mom, love you!

-Elder Sedlacek

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