Friday, March 10, 2017

hey Dad! it was a good week. we found someone new to teach this week, a nephew of a member who was baptized a few years ago. her nephew is awesome! we showed up to our appointment with her and he decided to just step in and listen to the lesson. he is in his 20s and i think he is going to be pretty solid. we have already taught him twice, so that is going well. we are just working on getting people to church. we did not have anybody show up this past week which was sad, but there is always next week. 

we taught D again, and as you can infer, she did not make it to church again this week. the ever present struggle to get people to church hahaha. she is getting pretty far into in the Book of Mormon, and really likes it, so i am not too worried about her. she already has a growing testimony of it helping her--she even loves it more then the Bible, which is big news out here! it is practically Bible belt country. we are pretty much trying to just do all the missionary stuff--finding, teaching, getting people to church, and baptized. that pretty much sums it up right now. 

we did have some weird weather this week. it got cold for a few days but it's starting to get really warm again. we have had an extremely mild winter, which i am grateful for, it was bad enough as it is hahaha. we did get to go running again on Thursday when it got really cold, but i stayed pretty warm so it was good. i  actually did not hear about the tornadoes, and they don't happen too much around Cincinnati, though they do happen in sometimes in Indiana.  

that sounds like you're having an interesting time at work hahaha, and the hallway looks really good from the pics Mom sent, awesome job Dad! hahaha i wish i could have stayed awake during our Fast meeting, i literally could not keep my eyes open to save my life, so i fell asleep. i was pretty mad at myself hahaha. i think i have hit the peak of my tiredness, i don't drive much anymore, i just start falling asleep because it lulls me to sleep hahahaha, it's not good! haha. 

it's so true though about loving others. that stuff bugs me really bad, everyone has to be loved and know that they are loved, cause for a lot of people that is what keeps them coming to church. this gospel is based on love. the gospel is just to help us become better, and we are meant to do that together. i think that that is so amazing that Heavenly Father has designed it that way, just cause he wants us to be happy and successful. i also like the thought from Pres Eyring. i have really started learning a lot about the temple lately, not because i am studying about it or anything like that, it has just been coming to me for some reason. i have realized a lot about symbolism and a lot about the priesthood. it is really cool stuff, it just blows my mind hahaha. 

oh man, i am excited for the March Madness bracket. it will be fun to get it, thanks Dad! thank you for all you do, i love you Dad! have a great week and good luck with the living room flooring! :)

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! it was a good week. read Dad's email for the teaching updates hahaha. i can't believe it's March either, but i am glad cause it will get warm really soon. out here, the bushes are starting to turn green in the clumps of trees and the trees are budding, it is starting to get really green again. i love it! it has been snowy this week, but every time it melted within a couple hours, instead of two days, so that was nice. we did not really hear much about tornadoes, but a cool fact is that in the Muncie and Anderson area, supposedly an Indian a few hundred years ago blessed the area that tornadoes will never come here, and so far it has stayed true which is pretty cool. i would love to just see one someday. 

we sadly did not have any investigators to church, but we have a pretty cool guy we started teaching this week, so that was awesome. my favorite person was probably him, his name is W. i definitely saw prayers answered with getting over my sickness. it started to get bad again on Wednesday, but turned around pretty quick after that. that was cool. i got my insulin, yes, thank you for sending it. it was funny cause we were studying and a lady came to the door, and in a really sweet grandma voice, said,"i have a box for Jared", and she handed it to me and was like "oh yes, there we go." and it just made me laugh. i don't know the Boyces personally, but i know who they are. i have stayed at the animal house on exchanges, that was pretty fun. it is super huge and really nice, and it's a four pad. it was fun. they have a super nice weight set with all the Olympic stuff, so that was a treat. that is cool you know his sister. some of my mission buddies have lived there, they would go down and play with all the animals and even bring them up to play with them in the apartment hahahaha. i am in the Muncie zone, yes. 

the floors look really nice! that will be fun for Jake, Jeff & Nicole to all to head to Zions, a fun camping trip would be nice right now hahahaha. 

it is amazing when i look back and see all that Christ has done for me and my own trials, as well as the others that i have taught. he really does love us so much. we just have to reach out for him. i have been blessed in so many ways, and when i didn't feel like it, it was because i was being ungrateful and was to focused on me. the Lord will always bless us, but sometimes it takes time for him to get everything else in place, and then it's even more amazing cause it makes it blatantly obvious. i love this gospel and the Savior so much, i have changed so much because of it. 

thanks for everything you do for me Mom!

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