Friday, March 17, 2017

Life really is meant to be enjoyed

hey Dad! it was a good week. we found a few new investigators this week, and that was awesome. we are pretty much having to purge our teaching pool right now--some people need some more time to wait. we did find a guy, J***, and when we showed up he was either drunk or really hungover. i guess the previous elders had taught him a lot, so we set an appointment, and hopefully he keeps it. we also worked with some part member families. we are teaching a member's son, S****, who believes in Viking gods, but he seems very unsatisfied with it and has a lot of questions, so we taught him about the restoration. we set up another appointment for tonight, so hopefully that goes well.

the sisters in our ward hosted a dinner on Saturday for less actives and non members, so that we could get some fellowship. we got D there, so that was awesome. not as many members showed as we would have liked, but it was a decent turnout. we did not get anyone to church this week, but we should be able to soon. 

i loved the Zone conference--i always like those, plus Elder Huemann gave his departing testimony at ours, so it was cool to see him before he ends his mission. he said he would be at my homecoming so we will see haha. 

another cool experience this week: there's a new restoration video, and we saw it, it's amazing! it is such a down to earth approach in my opinion, and it really strengthened my testimony. i recommend watching it. 

the way we think and our level of happiness is really a choice, i have learned that on my mission. there are times where things don't go as planned, or they don't work out at all, and you can either choose to be positive or you can feel down about it, but being down won't help anything. life really is meant to be enjoyed and i find if i am too serious or too high strung, it's not nearly as enjoyable. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, we just have to choose to be.

that's not good the teams lost haha. hopefully they play better next time. thanks for the bracket, you should get it soon! that's crazy you are now getting to do those international calls, that will be fun haha. yeah, the weather has sucked lately! hahaha in Indiana there is a huge wind problem, so it gets cold like this and the wind starts blowing. it makes it so cold that i had to break out the thermals again hahaha. we were actually going fishing today, but had to cancel since it's too cold (obviously i did not make that choice haha) that is fun you got to go shooting. good work on the floors! thank you Dad! i love you! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom! it was a good week. i wrote to Dad about the investigators we found, and we found a few, so that was nice. the Zone conference we had this past week was really good. Sister Welch started it off by talking about chastisement, so i was like, ooh this will be good hahaha. i think it is safe to say that most of the missionaries were rebuked a little, if you can call it that. because when i say rebuke, i mean realizing something we should repent of, or change, stop doing, or simply to work on. i had some impressions about what i could work on, not outwardly, but more internal, with the way i look at things. so that was good. 

i pretty much wrote everything that happened that i can think of right now to Dad. you luckies, its all warm there, it should go back to being warm here pretty quick. i bet you are having fun waiting for the floors to be done, right? hahaha i bet it will look really nice! 

that is crazy Carli is home now haha, i bet it is weird for her. i still remember those days when i was so shy i would hide my face. you would always have to tell me to stop doing that hahaha. 

probably my favorite part of this week was the fellowship dinner the Sisters came up with, that was a really good idea. my fave teaching moment was a funny one i guess, we met a guy from Kentucky--he was a hick hahaha. he talked with us for a moment while he was filling the porch with smoke (blech) and told us about how his grand-daughter passed away recently, and he was really upset because of feeling like God lets things like that happen that hurt people. i hate when people feel that way, cause it's not true at all, it all depends on how you look at it. we bore a simple testimony that God loves all his children, and tried to explain trials to him. it was just a good learning experience for me i guess, those always help to strengthen my testimony. 

that sounds like a cool experience you had, that is pretty cool. i find that when impressions come, Satan will always be there to fill us with crap and try to discourage us. i find that happens to me a lot, but if we remember what it says in Moroni 7:13 (i think) it tells us about thoughts and impressions. it helps me a lot. that is cool you had that happen.  

well, it sounds like y'all had a good week, that is good to hear. that's about all i have for the week.

i have to go now, thanks Mom for everything! i love you all so much! have a great week!

Elder Sedlacek

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