Friday, March 3, 2017

We have been playing a fun joke on the members since I look so young...

hi Dad! it was a good week. i am enjoying the new area and my comp is a great guy, and an awesome missionary, so that is awesome. we have a lot more people to teach in this area. we have a few investigators that come to church and we almost got one there yesterday {D, she is awesome!}. we had a pretty good lesson with her and her daughter, and she seems to be pretty solid, but skipped out on church yesterday.  we did not get to meet with all of our investigators this week, i guess some were busy. we have a bunch of less actives and returning members to visit too, so we are always having a full schedule and i really like that.

i am glad Kyle Busch at least one the first stage of the Nascar, that is weird that they run it in stages now.

too bad you have snow now hahaha, we have been in the 60's and only got two cold days this week in the 20's, but the temps jumped back up today, and we went on a run with a member this morning. that was nice. it sounds like the wood floors are going to be pretty nice, that will cool to see. i like how you have related your job to the purpose of helping others keep covenants, that is so cool.

i had assumed we would get a new pass along card like last year, that will be cool. i always like using the specialized cards. i bet it was fun to watch the weekend sports with Jake haha. it is really cool that Sam is starting now!  i am excited for the March Madness bracket.

i like the new youth album they have released about the youth and asking God, it is pretty good. some of the missionaries think it's cheesy but i like it, it has some good messages. we are literally in the mist of darkness, it is a crazy time we live in. if people just understood more about Heavenly Father and utilized his help, the world would be a lot better place.

i am thankful for being raised in the gospel, and that i get to learn and grow on a mission. my testimony has grown a lot lately, and i am thankful for that. if nothing else, i have a testimony and that's what counts. thank you Dad, you do a lot for me, it means so much. i hope you have a good day! love you!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi Mom! it has been a good week, and i am liking the new area and all the people we teach. my new comp is a funny guy, we already have plans to go to Betos and Vasa when we get home together hahaha. he went to Viewmont, unfortunately hahaha! 

we have been playing a fun joke on the members, since i look so young. we have tricked a bunch of them into thinking i am in training hahaha. we had a meal last night, and we told them i'm training, and then we busted out the restoration lesson and they were like, "wow, this greeny can teach good for being out 3 weeks!" hahahaha! it was funny. i wrote about our teaching pool in Dad's email. 

this week i had some flu-like symptoms start on Wednesday morning--headache, chills, fever, body aches, and cough. it was terrible hahaha. my fever was all over the map and so that stunk, but now i have just a nagging cough left. it is so annoying hahaha. i took some Nyquil the other night, and just passed out immediately hahaha. i am getting over it now, so that is good. 

the time has flown by for me, like i have all the memories of all this time, but it still seems like yesterday i got dropped off at the MTC. it is so weird. hahaha i will be home soon enough hahaha. 

it is crazy that Jessie and Carli are so far along, home and half way? that is crazy. at transfers i got to see the Connellys and that was super good. they are doing well. they seemed happy to see me and Elder Heumann, and it was really nice to see them again. 

Anderson is huge, but we only cover downtown. the sisters get the other part, all the country. bleh, i wish we had country! hahaha. Anderson is a Hoosier town. i like it. we have tons of 'hood people to teach hahaha so that makes it fun. 

when i was sick, i got a blessing from my comp. that itself was a tender mercy from what the blessing said. i definitely have a purpose in this area, and i was promised success as i do my best to accomplish it, so that was cool. 

i have 1 1/2 vials of insulin, so i will need more soon.  

that must have been fun to have Jake come home for the weekend. and i'm excited for the wood floors. 

i have been studying about our purpose and learning more about my purpose, it always helps strengthen my testimony. i printed off some talks to help me study it, it is super awesome. same with our gifts, i am still figuring out my gifts hahaha, it's so rewarding though to see them at work. to me that is a sign that Heavenly Father is proud of us, so that is good indicator when you see them working through you.

thank you so much for the package! i loved the beef jerky, it is so good! it was nice to get the package when i wasn't feeling too well. 

Mom: I'm sorry you were sick! Did you stay in any days because of it? Did it mess up your blood sugars too badly? And how was your last a1c?

no, i didn't stay in any days even though i could have. i just didn't want to. it didn't mess me up too bad, and my a1c was 8.3. i think i have better control now though, so it should be better next time.

okay well, i have to go now Mom, thanks for emailing me, i hope you have a great day! i love you Mom! talk to you next week!

-Elder Sedlacek

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