Monday, June 9, 2014

First week in Pasco

What's up Mama,
In Pasco I will probably be emailing way late every week. Hopefully, it works out. It's really frustrating, though, because we don't have a car, so we have to work with everyone else to get stuff done like our shopping and stuff, and we usually get pushed to the back. I'm not too happy about it, but oh well. Hopefully email works for you this week. 

So far in Pasco, it has been really, really hot and tiring. I have never been so tired in my life, pretty much. Walking around in the heat all day really does that to ya! It was a pretty good week though. I am just trying to get the hang of the area and all the members. 

I am glad that you liked all the pics I had people send. Hopefully they are good ones haha. Tell Nicole thanks for "friending" people for me.

We live with some members and we have one of their bedrooms, which is pretty dang small. It's not too bad for living conditions though. I am happy to have it.

The soap I need is Cetaphil. The container I have has a pump on it.  I am about out of that stuff so it would be good to send it as soon as possible.

It is crazy that Jared is 17 now! I realized that while looking at the calendar this morning. Tell him happy birthday for me. That is also crazy that Sam, Nate and Jeremy are all leaving so soon. Time is flying by for me now that the  guys a year younger than me are coming out.

Hopefully, again, email works today! 

What's up Dad,
Happy Father's Day this week! I will send you something in the mail, but I wanted to make sure to tell you.
This week has been pretty good. It has been sooooo hot. Being in a walking area when it's 90 degrees outside is pretty dang tiring. I am making sure to drink plenty of water though. 

I am also still trying to get the teaching pool down. There isn't much of them, but I don't really know anything about any of them  because I haven't met any of them yet. Pretty much nobody answered the door this week. This ward hasn't had much success in the past couple months. They have had two baptisms since the beginning of the year. I really hope I can help to make it more productive while I am serving here. It's kinda different here because there are so many Mormons already. It's like a mini Utah and everybody else who isn't Mormon already knows about it. I am thinking service would be a good idea to offer. The ward is pretty good. It's pretty small attendance so I think there are a ton of LA. So it's a lot of a different kind of missionary work. Instead of investigators it seems to be alot of  reactivating members. If you want to keep praying for the investigators up in Sunnyside, that would really help them. They are getting pretty close. You can also pray for me and Elder R to be able to have a baptism this transfer.

It is so crazy that Jared is 17 now. It's pretty cool though that he has found that he likes weight lifting. He is going to be solid it sounds like haha. He's going to be able to beat me up haha. On whether he goes before I come home or not, I would love to see him after my mission but if he is already gone I can't really do much about it haha. He can go when he wants. I don't really mind.

I think it's kinda funny you're back in scouts. Really though, in the HC you were involved in some of scouts with the Blue and Gold Banquet and cub scouts haha. You just can't get out of scouts can ya haha. It's alright though, because that is what you like and you're good at it. The Lord knows that, obviously.
Finally the Jazz got a new coach. Hopefully it works out for them better than Corbin did. They don't seem to be having very good luck with that. Is Jerry Sloan still on the coaching staff? He should have stepped up and taken the job. That would have been so sick! Oh well, I am sure he will get involved as like assistant or something. I really hope the Spurs win by the way. The Heat can go away for all I care haha. That is funny though that the ac went out during the game. I bet it's heck in that arena with all the people in it. I would not want to be in there haha.

Well, I really hope you have a great week. I love ya! You're an awesome Dad!
-Elder Sedlacek

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