Monday, June 2, 2014

Seven months in Sunnyside come to an end.

What's up Mama,
I am doing well. Let's just say this next transfer is going to have the theme of "I will go where you want me to go, Dear Lord." I am going to Pasco and guess what? I am assigned to Elder R AGAIN! I really couldn't believe it. I have no idea how it's going to go, but I hope it's going to go well. I'm going to be in the Pasco 6th ward and it's a walking area so that should be interesting. It's pretty dang close to Richland, so maybe I will be able to see Bishop.

That is exciting that Nicole got to go through the temple. I am sure she loved it. The temple is awesome. I have been able to talk to Pres. Johnson a lot and have learned some awesome stuff as well. Knowing temple presidents is awesome! They know so much.

It's weird that all these movies are coming out and I haven't seen any of them. I will have to catch up on the good movies when I get back, if I can force myself to sit through them haha. I don't plan on being too awkward though, hopefully so maybe I will be able too. You never know haha.

Today for p-day we are just going to chill. I will probably start packing and stuff, but it should be fun. Our DL Elder Corum is going home today so that's why. We are just chilling with him for the last day he's got in the mission field. It's weird to send missionaries home. It will be awesome though next July.

Thanks Mama for all that you do. You're awesome. So I am getting the package today? What is in it if there isn't shirts? How expensive are Costco shirts?

What's up Dad,
I am doing great. I did have a good week. I am glad that you guys did, too. 

I am going to be back serving with Elder R. Out of all the 250 missionaries in this mission, I go back to my first companion. It wasn't easy the first time, and we are in a walking area of the richer part of Pasco this time. Thankfully, I am sure it will make me stronger, but thank goodness for my testimony of the gospel! I really have had a tough couple transfers. It's really like Elder Bednar's talk this past conference about the more load we have, the more traction we gain. I will probably get to see that in action this transfer. Pray for me to be able to do it. I know I can though,  through the Savior and the gospel. 

I am really glad that you guys liked my last letter. I really do want to grow more and more in the gospel while I am on my mission. I think that's part of what missions are for.

That is a really good thought about the triangle between God and Adam and Eve. I have never thought of that before. That is totally true though. They do follow that plan. That is one thing that I will definitely do when I get married in the future. Pres. Ware is the man for advice like that haha.

I like that your week is sooooo exciting haha. Work, eat, sleep, work some more and all that. Sounds like a mission schedule to me. It's good to be so busy though. It is like your letter that you sent this week. If we aren't staying busy building up the kingdom of God, then that allows Satan to step in and influence us.

Speaking on the thought of what will future generations read about us? I have no clue. That is a good question. It will probably be everything that is going on right now, like the Ensigns and the stuff compiled into some file of our brain that we can read whenever and wherever. Who knows what technology will be like. I don't even think that there will be legit plates or records of our generation. It's all technological. They will have access to everything we did and do, I am sure.

That is crazy about the Suburban. Man, that would have been insane haha. Just threw it in neutral and coasted down the canyon then I guess is what you did. Grandpa D is the best. It's nice that he was willing to help out like that. That is a pretty good drive to do with towing somebody. Thank goodness for Christlike people!
I have been working on getting as many of the members here to friend me on Facebook as I can, and I have gotten some addresses too. I really do want to stay in contact as much as possible. It will be pretty easy living close in Utah but still. It should be fun. 
I would tell you about the teaching pool but I am leaving on Wednesday. Just know that everyone we had is doing great. There should be some more baptisms in Sunnyside after I leave, so hopefully I will be able to attend some of them.

Thank you all for all that you do. You do a ton for me, so I am glad that you guys can see the blessings coming to you. I love you guys too! Have an awesome week! 
-Elder Sedlacek

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