Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I am grateful to be serving as a missionary for Jesus Christ

How's it going Mama,
This past week was pretty good. Transfer day was the really hot day where it was 110 and we were on the black pavement wearing suit coats. Let's just say it was super hot haha. Transfers were good. I am with Elder Christopherson now. 

That is crazy that Sarah is 15 now. She is getting so old haha. Are you going to take her to get her learner's??? Libby is 10 too. That is crazy! I bet the party was fun and geting to hear Jim's and Dave's stories. There are some fun mission stories I have had, so it will be fun to tell them later on.

Libby is so funny too, with her story of going on a hike with Nicole and Jeff. She is so cute sometimes haha. I bet she had lots of fun hanging out with her bro-in-law. When I get home Libby and I will have to go have some fun like that.

That sucks about the Suburban fuel pump going out again. That has gone out so much it seems! It is about time that GM would put a warranty on it.

Mom: Yo Son! It's good to hear from you! I'm glad you are doing okay in the heat. I got my brace and it works great.

Elder Sed: That's great Mama. Did it come today? Can you walk and do everything without the pain you had? It looks similar to the one I had. Is it hard to get used to?

Mom: Yes, I can walk and do everything with no pain. It's different from the brace you had because it pushes against the outside of the knee joint and causes the inside to open up so the bones don't rub together, so that took a little getting used to. 

Elder Sed: I am glad it is working out for you Mama! I love getting to email. I have to go now. I am grateful to be serving as a missionary for Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the gospel and it truly does bless my life in every aspect. I know that as we stay strong in the gospel and continue in the little things that great things will be given to us. I love you guys so much!
Have an awesome week!

What's up Dad,
Sounds like you had a good week. I am doing pretty good, but this week was pretty slow. I have a new companion, Elder Christopherson. I've known him since the MTC. Our investigators are doing good, but we had no lessons with any of them this week. They were all busy with other stuff so we taught a lot of Recent Convert/Less Active lessons. We did find a new potential investigator named Lilly. She had been to a baptism for her aunt, and when she opened the door to us all she said was "I really like coffee." It was kinda funny, but she does want to meet and figure out if the church is something she wants. It will be super cool to start teaching her. She seemed pretty awesome. 

 The other highlight of the week was transfers, which was really hot, but I told mom about that. It was funny because one of the mission presidency came up to me and seriously thought I was a greenie and had to go back inside the church with the rest of the greenies. He finally realized I'm not a greenie haha. It was kinda funny though. I guess I look young or something. Sister Jane W came up to the mission this transfer, so that was weird to see her there.  I also talked to President Ware a little more since transfers and he suggested that I do something that I really liked. It really applies to parenting as well, but that is awhile off for me haha. He suggested using the commitment pattern with my comp. 

Sounds like you had a usual Saturday with all the yard work. That would be kinda fun to do right now. At least for the first week I'm home, then it will go back to being a chore haha. Sounds like lots of work! 

I did get your letter in the mail last Monday. I liked the announcement on the technology stuff. It will be super cool to get that stuff eventually. It will be interesting to ask President Ware about it. I would love to work with it. It's going to be awesome for teaching.

The weather has been pretty good the past week. It was 95 and I actually felt a little cold! It's funny how your body gets used to the temp after a while.

Libby and Sarah are getting old and I can't believe it for either one of them. It's crazy! Time goes fast doesn't it? 

Thanks for all that you do for me Dad. You are a great example to me of doing my best at everything I do, that is the reason I want to be as obedient as I can. I know HF will bless me and all of you as I do. Love you all! Have a great week!
-Elder Sedlacek

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