Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being on a mission is where I want to be

What's up Mama,
It sounds like your week was really fun. Libby told me about the zoo pass that you guys got and that is fun. I really loved the package and everything in it. Perfect job Mama! It even got here last Saturday so it was really fast too.

I think it's funny that the time is going by so fast haha. When you break it down like that Mama, it's going to seem like a couple months and I will be home. Time is weird! Just so you know, being on a mission is where I want to be too.

I bet it was fun, too, to sit with Nicole and Jeff by the fire bowl and talk. 
The temple was amazing today. And the sealing was AMAZING too. It was sooooooooooo coool and nothing like I was expecting, but I definately want to be sealed in the temple. I think it would be so cool to have Pres. Johnson do the sealing too. It was seriously the longest ever that I remember feeling that wave of the spirit. It was the whole time Pres. Johnson (he did the sealing) was talking. It was also super fun to see some of the members from Sunnyside. That is nice that the D family wrote on my wall, too. They are a good family so I am sure they will be baptized sometime. They have a seed planted at least.

I bet sacrament meeting was really good but that is super surprising that there was no returned missionaries available to talk. They won't have that problem pretty soon haha. Lots of them coming home.

Well this week was pretty good. How have the family been doing?

What's up Dad,
This week was pretty good, but really slow as well. It's starting to get really hot so that has been fun to deal with haha.  Member trust is also one thing we are going to start building more of.  

As far as cool experiences go, this week we had interviews with President Ware and that was really, really good. He is such a good example for me. He always has some bit of good advice for me to hear. He told me to just keep working on the members and building trust and the work will improve. On Thursday we ran into a guy named Greg who had gotten a Book of Mormon back in 2003, and he has been picking it up once in a while ever since. He told us pretty detailed descriptions of what he had read a week ago, and he was able to perfectly tell the story of Teancum. Pretty dang cool. I don't think I would be able to do that--as in explain in detail what I read a week ago. Well anyway, we asked him if we could meet with him sometime and he didn't want to give us any info but said he would show up to church sometime. I am really hoping he comes while I am still here. 

As far as the teaching pool it's still pretty much the same. FB said he will be baptized when he gets an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, but he does feel like God wants him to read it so that was cool to hear about. I don't know if I told you about S yet, but he is a pretty cool investigator. He's from Canada and plays hockey. He's just barely graduated from college and is pretty interested in learning more. F didn't come to church because he was busy with work and has been all this past week, so I hope we can meet with him this week. Those are our progressing investigators  right at the moment. We are working every day to find more with the members.

Holy crap, do we have fruit up here haha! Talk about cherries and raspberries and strawberries. Pretty  much anything we want we've got haha. Don't even worry about sending fruit. The members got that covered, Dad haha. It sounds good that you guys have a lot of fruit too.

It is awsome work is going good for ya. Keep up the good work, Papa. I bet it's fun to work for the church and be able to participate in all that. It would be cool.

I did get the package like I told mom. Thanks for sending it and the letter inside it too.

On the journal, it will work for a study journal, but today I went and bought one that is the same style and size as my other one. But thanks for sending that, too. I will put it to some good use.

The temple was awesome today. 

Well I hope you guys have an awesome week. You guys are a great example to me. Every one of you, too. I love you guys and am so happy to be serving a mission. I love the gospel!!!
-Elder Sedlacek

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