Monday, July 7, 2014

I want to edify and strengthen all the people I come in contact with

What's up Mama,

Sounds like it was a fun rest of the week for you guys haha. You do seem to be the designated "tell me all about home for the week"  person haha. I like it though. I did get to use some of the 4th of July stuff you sent. I like the glasses so I have some pics in them. Speaking of pictures, do you have my other SD card that I sent home Father's Day? I can't find the other one, so I am assuming that it's home with you guys.
Is the internet still out at home? That is super stupid if it is.

Thanks for fasting for me. 

I like the picture of the water fight. I bet that was really fun. Did you and Dad do it as well?

So its been hot in Utah just like here, it sounds like. The heat isn't that bad once you get used to it. It's still pretty tiring so I know how you guys felt haha.

I am glad that you were able to use some of the stuff I said in your testimony. Hopefully I say things that touch everyone's heart. I try to,  at least. haha. I want to edify and strengthen all the people I come in contact with, so that is something I pray for every morning. To touch the hearts of the people I meet.

I hope the email works good today. It's super fun being able to email back and forth.

What's this annoucement that the church supposedly put out that every missionary will have to get an iPad mini? There were a couple members talking about it yesterday.

Mama: Yes, the missionaries in many missions will be getting special iPad minis. You buy it and can keep it when you go home. I think Dad knows more details on it than I do.

The internet is out at home still. Good thing I have my phone!

Yes, the weekend and holiday were super fun.

Elder Sed: So it's not all the missions then? Those would help soooo much in teaching and stuff like that. I hope the WKM gets them. That is dumb that the internet is out. Are the kids going crazy without it haha?

Mama: I think it is most missions, probably yours too. It was something like 50k of the missionaries that will?I'd bet you will. Yeah, the kids aren't liking no internet! It's supposed to be back by 5:30pm. Hopefully sooner. 

Elder Sedlacek: Well I am going to go now Mama. It was good to get to email today. Glad that it worked out despite all the internet poop going on. 
I hope you guys have a great week!
Don't forget too to send me my SD card soon and I can send the one I have back that has some new pics on it.
Love you all!
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I bet the 4th was super fun for you guys. It was pretty fun here. We had some souped up pop-its that popped really loud, almost like a fire cracker, and we threw those around and played catch with a football in the members' back yard where we live. It was fun. It was really just a fun, relaxing evening since we had to be in at 6pm.

We had a good talk with our  Bishop, and he changed around the agenda and let us talk first yesterday so that was awesome! That was the first time since I have been in this ward that it was like that, so it was a super nice change.

There wasn't very much exciting in the past couple days since Wednesday. Our teaching pool is still basically the same as it was on Wednesday. We did find a new investigator named J. He was out weeding in his yard, so we talked to him for a little bit, and then Elder R and I just sat down and started weeding with him. We ended up having a really good discussion, and J even committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. It was awesome. Other than that, our investigators are the same. Keep praying for all of them and it will help them.

Thanks for the sports updates. It's fun to find out the little bits of info you tell me. Lebron is soooo greeedy. I think it would be soooo funny if nobody picked him up, but that will not happen. Still, it would be funny.

Haha Duke is funny. I remember playing with him like that. It's kinda funny that up here there is a family that has a black lab that is named Duke. They are kinda alike too, from what I remember about Duke haha.

I really do think my mission is really strengthening me as well. It has been awesome to be able to serve my mission so far. I love the things that I have learned and being able to think back on all the awesome experiences I have had. I just hope to be able to learn from my mission everyday for the rest of my life. I want it to be that life-changing experience like it has been so far. Missions are awesome and I love the gospel and being able to share it everyday with everyone I meet. Thanks for all that you do for me Dad. You're awesome!

Is my dirt bike still up and running?
I also have heard that there was an announcement made on the technology for missionaries. What's the details on that. There were some members up here talking about it yesterday and it sounds awesome! 
Have a great week!!!!! Love ya!
-Elder Sedlacek

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