Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"This is my day!"

What's up Mama,
I am doing pretty good. The weather is still hot and dry. It's back up to the 100s now, which isn't very bad once you get used to it. The 80s were nice a couple days ago though. I wish it would stay like that, but oh well. 
I'm glad that you guys were able to have some fun on your camping trip. That would have been fun to go fishing and all that stuff. We will have to go when I get home. Fishing is the best haha. That sucks that you fell. But it's good that you were okay mostly. So only your hand was hurt? That's pretty good and yea it probably could have been worse. It is good that it wasn't. Have you ever broken any bones? I think you have a streak going of no broken bones, right? You don't want to go ending that good streak!
The fires have caused some evacuations, but I don't really know much about it. I know that they asked for volunteers to help clean up, but only half the mission is helping clean up. Since I am in the southern part, I don't get to help. It would have been cool to go up there and help out. I think the situation is getting better up there.

It is funny that Jeff can impersonate people. Elder C is pretty good at that too, I have noticed. He can copy basically anyone's laugh. We have fun, so that has been good. 

I bet Elder Dan's talk was really good. I can't even imagine him being any nicer haha. He wouldn't hurt a fly before it seemed and now he's nicer? haha. Wow. 19 comps though? That is crazy. He was ET a lot,  because there are only 17 transfers in a mission. I would imagine his Pres. really wanted him to work with all the tough missionaries because he is so patient. He's a good guy.

I am doing pretty good right now as for needing anything. Did you happen to find my SD card yet?

Mom: Hi Son!
Yeah, so only my hand was hurt mostly. I have a few bruises on my right side here and there, so somehow I landed mostly on my right, with my hand getting the worst of it. It’s all green and blue today and hurts pretty good but Advil helps with that.
Too bad you don’t get to help with the fire evacuations, that would be some good service.
Yes, Dan’s talk was really amazing. One of the best I’ve heard. He actually reminds me of you and the way you have been talking about your mission. It was good.
I have not seen that SD card! I don’t have any idea what happened to it....I really thought I sent it back to you in the package before your 4th of July package. 
Elder Sedlacek: Tell Sarah happy birthday for me since I forgot to tell her, and guess what? 1 year from today I will be home! Crazy, huh?  I am sure it will go by sooo fast. This past year has and the last one I have heard goes even faster. I don't count up anymore haha. I count down. How crazy is that?
I know, I was thinking the same thing! People will start asking me how much time you have left instead of how long you’ve been gone. That’s weird.
Elder Sedlacek: 
I love to be serving a mission. It is one of the greatest things I have done in my life. It has strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon so much. I love to read it, even if it is a chapter in my days. Recently, I read about the sons of Mosiah and their experience of getting their mission call and going to teach the Lamanites. Sometimes I can really relate to them. Alma really had to put up with a ton of crap, and he stayed strong in the gospel. I really want to become more like Alma and the sons of Helaman. 
I know Joseph Smith is a prophet.
President Monson is a prophet of God and by heeding his counsel we will be able to make it back to God. I love the gospel! It changes lives! Like Dan said too, This is my day!

Email to Dad
Yo Dad,
Sounds like you had a good week. I figured you guys would since you were going camping. I had a pretty good week as well. We found 2 new investigators, and one of them is on date for baptism on the 23rd of August! It was an awesome lesson. His name is Greg and we found him while Elder R was still here, but this week we were able to meet with him. He mentioned that he wants to be baptized, and before the lesson he made sure to read some of the Book of Mormon. He read 3rd Nephi 11 and he told us that it's a gem in his eyes. He REALLY liked it. He even came to church yesterday and really liked that too.
The other investigator we had was one I think I told you about last week. Her name is Lilly and she was a referral from Elder C that he brought from his last area. We really weren't able to have much of a lesson with her because she was rushing out the door, but we were able to set up our purpose of us being there so that was good.

We also had a cool finding story this week. I had the thought to try by a LA apartment that I didn't know, so we went and knocked on the door and a lady answered. We asked if the member lived there and she said no, and she had just moved in a couple days before. Turns out she is interested in learning more about the church so we are going to start teaching her this week. Should be awesome! It was great to have some success this week. It was a very nice to have after a long time of tough stuff.

I bet the camping trip was fun. That is awesome that Jared was able to catch a big fish. I remember doing that with him when we went up there a couple years ago. Mom said you guys didn't get the site you wanted though? Why was that? That camping site is fun for fishing though. I want to go fishing so bad haha. That sounds super fun right now. One year from now I will go haha. It's funny you say it was dusty up there. Here it's basically a giant sand box. It's back to being pretty hot again, to which I was hoping was gone but it's not too bad. I just have to drink tons of water.

I bet you're doing good in your calling. You are like me though. I hate paperwork, which is the worst part of missionary work I think haha. It has to be done though, so I just get over it haha.

It is crazy that college football starts up again in like 30 days! That off season just flew by for me haha. You will have to keep me updated with all the Utah teams like usual. When does the NFL start up?

Well, I hope you have a great week Dad. Good luck with all the catch up at work. You're probably going to be tired after all the catch up haha. Thank you for all the sacrifice you deal with to keep me out on a mission. I love serving the Lord. It really is so rewarding for everyone. The gospel is awesome! I love it! Love you guys!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

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