Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This week I finished the Book of Mormon again. Good news--I still know it's true!

Hey Mama,
You guessed right. I am emailing today {Tuesday} instead of yesterday. Whenever there is a holiday on Monday, I will be emailing on Tuesday as long as I am in this area. There isn't a church building that has computers we can use here. The library works great (most of the time) haha.
This week was awesome! C***** did get baptized. She is doing so awesome! She is already working on missionary work. We got a text this morning about 5 am, saying that she had talked to her dad late last night and really just had a good talk with him about the gospel. Turns out that her dad wants to learn more! She has a sister who wants to be baptized! It's been awesome! It was cool because she told us about an answer to a prayer she had for her baptism. As you may know, her dad and mom were super supportive of her, but not interested in anything to do with the church for themselves. C***** had really wanted them to come to her baptism and confirmation, but she wasn't really sure they were going to come. So on Saturday, right as the baptism started, guess who walked in? C's family. They stayed for the whole thing and at the end they told me "see you tomorrow" when they were leaving. They came to church, too. Little did I know at the time, C was fasting that day that her family would come to church, and they did. I know God heard her prayer Sunday! I know Heavenly Father is so proud of her as well for making the decision to be baptized. I am just as proud, too. I never realized how much you can care for someone that you bring to the gospel til this area. I really do care so much about all of the investigators that the Lord has placed in the path of me and Elder R. It's been so fun, and awesome for me too. I am just so happy right now. Not really any words to describe besides those haha.

So you have to get new glasses huh? That will be good now that you will be able to see haha.

I really am so happy to be serving the Lord. It's a blast! I know this gospel is true with all my heart! I love HF and I know Jesus Christ lives! This is His church on the earth. All the more reason to spread the good news. Wish me and Elder R luck this week finding new investigators. L** just barely dropped us, so we are down some investigators :( Looks like this week is going to be a finding week. That is fine with me though. It's going to be fun anyways!
Love you guys so much!
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
This week was great! The baptism was awesome! It was probably one of the best baptisms I have been to--that's how good it was. C***** was so ready to be baptized, and it showed. She is sharing the gospel with her family. She's just so solid.
The rest of our investigators are doing okay. We are need of some more since we baptized our super solid one. We got dropped by three or four investigators this week, but it was okay because we had an awesome baptism. President Ware said something this week that I thought was cool. He said, "You can know the Lord is pleased with your service when disappointments come along, but you aren't disappointed in yourself." I can really say without a doubt that I am not disappointed in myself. I know the Lord is with me in my missionary work. He will lead and guide. I always try to listen to the spirit--it's how we have true success. We are going to start putting a focus on the part member families of our area. You guys could pray that we are able to find prepared people this week. I will let you know how it goes next Monday.
Thanks for praying for M*****. I still don't have a clue what is going on there. I just know she needs prayers right now. She's so close, and still believes in the church, she just has a lot on her plate right now.
We have a church tour with L** and her sister this week. I am really hoping that goes well, and she feels the desire to come to church.
I just thought of another goal you guys can help me pray for. The stake and the mission have a goal that every companionship baptize monthly. I have been praying super hard for that, and the Lord came through this month. You guys could pray for March if you wanted, not only for me, but all the missionaries throughout the world.

This week, we did a boatload of service, but it was really fun. We pulled tons of weeds, helped out at the humane society, and a bunch of other stuff. Service is just so fun haha. I love it!
This week I finished the Book of Mormon again. Good news--I still know it's true haha. Each time I read it through, I take President Uchtdorf's challenge and renew my personal conversion on my own "road to Damascus" (that is one of my fave talks btw). Anyway, this last time, I read Moroni's promise and just took time to ponder on the messages of the Book of Mormon. I started to pray to know if it was true and I had lots of things going through my mind. We had just been dropped by an investigator, and I was thinking about that and bunch of other stuff. There just is so much to worry about on a mission, but it was so cool. The minute I asked if the Book of Mormon is true, peace came to my mind. It was super cool. I then thanked HF for blessing me with the confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true. I know God has called a prophet on this earth today. I know God loves us so much. I feel that so much for my investigators. It is sooo cool when I can feel just how much He loves those I work with.

I am so happy right now! I love serving a mission. I would love to serve and serve and serve! Missionary work is just that fun! Thanks so much for the sacrifice you guys go through to keep me, "the fave old son," on my mission.
It makes me happy too that you guys are being blessed for my service as a missionary. Even Elder R's family is being blessed and I was able to help him realize that was the reason his family has been blessed, so you guys can know it's not even just our family. It's every missionary family. I love the Lord. I always want to serve Him! Because of Him!
love you guys,
-Elder Sedlacek

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