Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It was another "critical moment" week.

Hey Mama,
What's up haha. I figured you were going to say something about the video that the Bishop sent haha. It was fun to hear from him. He told me that they were flying back Sunday so he should be back. He took us out to lunch with him, Sister B, his son and daughter-in-law, and their kids. It was really just a fun time.

Those are super cool examples of how you guys are blessed because of my service. I really like to hear stories of how things like that work out. I am glad that HF watches out for all of us. I have seen things like that all the time, even just with me. I know God watches out for me, and all you guys, too.

That sucks about L breaking her finger. How is she doing now? Did it completely break the bone? That must have hurt. How is Nicole's recovery going? Heard anything back from USU?

Mom: Well, the mail came a few minutes ago....just in time to snap a picture of the acceptance letter and your “I’m an Aggie!” sign. Make that #ImAnAggie sign. Would you like me to mail that to you?
How did two Utes raise 3 Aggies??...and maybe counting. 
Elder Sed: Hey Mama Ute! You better believe that I am still a Ute to the bone. Once a Ute, always a Ute. I would love to go the U for PT school. That would be my dream.

Thanks for all that you do for me. It's good to hear you guys are doing good. Keep up all the good things you guys are doing. Thanks for supporting me on my mission. You're the best, Mama! Love ya!

Hey Dad,
Sounds like you had an awesome week! That's great!

My week here in Washington was pretty good. It was another "critical moment" week, as I like to call it, ever since we had the area seventy speak to the mission. I may have already said something about it a while back, but it was a talk he gave about when weeks are tough. I just thought it was a really good talk. He called the slow/tougher times "critical moments." Though it was kinda tough, we got through it. 
We have been dropped by 5 investigators the past two weeks. That has been the tough part. It just means our area is going through the phases of missionary work though, which is good. I know the Lord is preparing a whole new teaching pool for us even as I am writing this. I had been praying for the things I need to do to find those who are prepared. I like what you said about following the Spirit. That's pretty much it, but in my studies this week I realized something cool. I re-started the Book of Mormon, so I was reading in 1st Nephi chapter 16, verse 23. If you read it, just think of the "food" as investigators. I know that as I go out and work, "gather" and do all I can, and call upon my Father in Heaven, I will be guided to know where to go and what to say.

The time of the hastening is here. I know that for sure. The Lord prepares people all over. Sometimes I wonder why it can't be like the times in the Book of Mormon or the Bible, when thousands at one time get baptized, but the truth of it is in a scripture that Elder Arnold shared with us when he visited. It's Jeremiah 16:6. We are to be hunters of men. Not fishers anymore. Hunting takes more work. We know that just from personal experience. You may have to hike over a couple mountains to find that one investigator who is ready to be baptized, but when you get that one, how great is the joy that comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love the people of Kennewick so much! You guys can know that I am working my hardest every day to bring souls unto Christ because it's what I want the most right now.
We had a lesson with C***** yesterday and she is still doing awesome! I know that she is praying for guidance about what to share with her family. She already has felt the Spirit and acted on the promptings. 

I wish I had tons of investigators to update you on, but at the moment we really only have a couple. I***** is one of those. She is going through a time in her life right now where she is just trying to figure out what to do. She struggles with anxiety so just pray for her to feel comfortable. 

K**** has been working a ton. He is trying to apply for another job where he won't work so much, so let's hope he gets that job. He has a lot of potential so I just hope things work out with him.
Wow, this is a long email haha.
That's no fun that it got cold, but I guess that is also a really good thing as well. The West needs the moisture. The area seventy called a fast for this whole area for snow and moisture, so I am sure it's going to dump snow here in a while. I would love that. I love this weather, but I also like winter, so it will be good to get that. It got really cold here this morning, so maybe that is a good sign that snow will be coming.

It's good you went to the eye doctor and can see now Papi. We don't want a blind man on the roads. That would be dangerous.

Well, I am so happy to be serving a mission. I love it so much! It has helped me to grow so much. I have no clue where I would be if I hadn't gone on a mission, and I don't want to find out. I do know that this gospel is true. I wouldn't be out here doing all this if it wasn't. What a blessing it is to have God's church on the earth today. We have the guidance. We don't have to be confused. I know God loves all his children. I feel the love that He feels for them. I love this gospel! Love you guys too!

Thanks for all that you do! You're the bomb dot com, Dad.
Love ya!
-Elder Sedlacek

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