Monday, May 18, 2015

The week went by super fast. That is a good thing and a bad thing in my case haha!

An Oregon sunset

Hey Mom!!!!
You want more email than last week than I take it hahahahahaha. I wasn't feeling it last week just after we Skyped. I will try better this week, but emailing is just not the same as talking haha. Obviously. 

Well, we had a great week. The baptisms were great! L's went really well. She invited a couple of her non- member friends to come along. One of them came to church yesterday and the other had to work, otherwise she would have come too. Well, the friend who came to church is a new investigator!!!! I was pumped about that. L is already doing great missionary work. And guess what's even better than that? M already has a calling in his ward!!!! Bishop gave him a calling literally seconds after he was confirmed. It was super funny haha. That is what we like to see though--some initiative on giving converts callings quickly. If it were like that every time, I don't know what I would do. Go to heaven? haha.

Wow, Bountiful sounds like a rain forest haha. That is crazy that you have been getting all that rain lately. The weather here is always the same. We get a little rain with being close to the Blue "mountains," but they are really hills. The clouds do that rising thing and have to let some rain go, but other than that it's always nice and sunny. About 75 in the mid-day and perfect at night. It's just great weather, honestly.

On Memorial day I will be able to email because we email from the church. Hopefully email will still work out because of that.

Billion graves app? That sounds kinda cool. It's a good easy service project it sounds like. I think that would be super interesting to do. 

It sounds like Jeff is getting basically no sleep haha. It reminds me of some guy in the YSA who was walking down the church hallway saying how tired he was and how he thought he was tired on his mission, but then he went home haha. Hopefully it's really not like that too much.

Sounds like you are one busy Mama. You're going to be go-go-go for a long time it sounds like. It will keep you busy, and from getting trunky about me haha ;). You're funny, Mama.

That's fun you got to friend Elder Bowen's mom. He mentioned it to me first, that his mom and my mom were friends on Facebook. We had a good time on his birthday. We didn't do anything crazy, but it was fun haha. what is more fun than nine hours of church? ;)

Mama: I know there wasn't much to email about last week just because we Skyped. I only said that because this week it's been a week since we have "talked" to you so there oughta be more to say Haha.

Rainforest, yeah. I say that more because we are about to get hit again!

Elder Sed: I would love to just sit out in the rain and soak it up haha. I love the rain.
Church is fun haha. It is a lot of time for us to relax and feel the spirit. Oh I knew what you meant about the email, Mama haha.

Mama: I also know that you just aren't feeling the email as much because you are so into your mission right now. And that's okay. You're a wonderful missionary!!

Elder Sed: hahahaha. Probably. It's fun to email you guys though and share the experiences I have. I guess that's the point of it. Helping you guys feel the spirit of missionary work just like I am every day.

Mama: Yep, we love to hear how you are doing and what you are doing. I wish I could be a fly on the wall though!! Just once! 

Elder Sed: I'll bet you do Mama haha! Have a great week! I'm gonna get going! Love ya Mama! You're the best. Thanks for all that you do to help me out with school and everything!

Hey Dad,
You da bomb!

I had a great week this past week. It was really busy planning two baptisms, while doing the regular missionary work that is already busy as it is. It was fun though. The week went by super fast because of it. That is a good thing and a bad thing in my case haha.

We had some cool experiences this week, so I will try to tell them without being super confusing.

On Mondays after p-day we usually work up around Walla Walla finding young adults to teach since there are two colleges in Walla and one in College Place. College Place is to Walla Walla like Woods Cross is to Bountiful. We were going around, and the whole night Elder Bowen and I kept feeling like there was something we needed to do right then. We didn't know what it was, so first we tried by referrals. No luck. Still had the same feeling. We stopped and talked to people on the street. No luck. Still had the same feeling. By this time, we had talked to a lot of people with not a lot of success, and it was getting late and time to head back to Milton-Freewater. We left Walla with the same feeling, that we needed to do something right then, so we said a prayer. In the prayer we just asked for some guidance to help us know what it was. It was when we prayed that I had a couple of sentences from a scripture pop into my mind, and that we needed to text it to L. So we searched around for that scripture and we found it. We sent the reference to her and then we finally we felt peace. It was later on that night that we got a text from L saying that about the same time we sent that text with the scripture, she felt herself heading for a breakdown and starting praying. The scripture reminded her that God was still there for her and was watching out for her. We were able to listen to the spirit and answer L's prayers. It was sweet!!!!!

Both the baptisms were awesome! I was really pleased with L's baptism. There were some of her non-member friends there who were almost crying from the feeling of the spirit that was there. There was great support there from the branch. I was really happy. M's was good too. There was more support than last time, which was an answer to the prayers of you guys' and mine and Elder Bowen's. M is doing really good! He's totally ready to start working towards the temple. He even got a calling! I was super excited about that.
F is doing amazing! He's got the priesthood now and is going to be passing the sacrament next week. His mom is taking the discussions from the Hermanas too, so that was way cool to hear. She even wants to be baptized. See what just one person can do for a whole family? It's amazing!

We have been praying like crazy to find a family who is prepared for the the gospel to be baptized in June. This past week we got a couple answers to those prayers. One of them is the G family. We tracted into them a couple weeks ago, and we decided we needed to go by this week and follow up. We went by and we talked to the mom. The member we had with us at the time was like best friends with her growing up and knows the family really well. That was a miracle in and of itself. They expressed some interest and we have an appointment to go back later this week and have a lesson with the family. Pray that they will accept a baptism date!

The other cool find was a family named the Rs. They are a pretty cool family as well. Earlier this week we were up in Weston to see T because we felt like that's where we needed to go. We went by but she wasn't home, so we were in the process of figuring out where we wanted to go. We were standing in the street just thinking and discussing where to go next. There was a noisy party in her neighbor's yard, with a bunch of people back there, but we weren't about to go back there and just interrupt the party because that would be weird. While we were thinking about what we were going to do, a kid came out of the backyard party and just asked us what we were doing. We weren't quite sure what was happening at first--if he was just trying to mess with us? but we just told him who we were and started talking. It turned out he was actually really interested in what we were doing. We ended up having a super great restoration lesson right there in the middle of the street. (Don't worry Mom. Weston is a town that if you blink you miss it, so there are never any cars haha). He told us where he lived and told us to go find his house and get his address. We have his phone number and are going to go back and teach him this week. What is even cooler is that he has a family of four. We had been praying that day, specifically, that we were going to find a family of four who were ready for baptism, and out comes B to talk to us, in the street, while this party is going on. He just happens to have four people in his family, who all just started going to a Christian church and have accepted Jesus as their Savior. They are golden ground right now in my opinion. I know God answers prayers!

My strongest desire for the rest of my mission is of course, baptisms, but even more than that I want to bring a family to God and help them become an eternal family! I am going to work so hard towards that goal. I know God will help me to do that and will answer my prayers! I know how important it is that we listen to the spirit. I know God is going to guide me and Elder Bowen to his children who are prepared. I am totally confident in the Lord that he truly will help us!

It's good to hear that work is busy for you. It will keep you out of trouble haha. You're a trouble maker! An old one at that! haha! jk dad. hahaha

I had heard about that #Face2Face thing. What was it about? I had only heard about it. I didn't get to watch it. I looked it up right now and am listening to it. It would have been cool to be there.

Well family, I am super pumped to be serving a mission! It's a blast. I truly know the gospel is true!! I love the Lord! I love to serve him as a disciple and representative of Jesus Christ. I know his power and authority is with me. I know God will guide us in all things. I know He loves us. He is aware of all his children. We go about doing this work to bring God to them as an answer to their prayers, even though they may not even know it at the time. The Book of Mormon is key! I love that book!
I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do for me!
-Elder Sedlacek

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