Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I may be leaving the mission field soon, but the principles that I have learned on my mission will never leave me.

Elders Sedlacek & Bowen having fun on the 4th of July

The Walla Walla Zone leadership
What's up Mama,
This week went pretty dang fast, but it also felt pretty slow, which was kinda hard. It's all good though. J***** fell off date for baptism yesterday because he didn't come to church. That was a bummer, but oh well. It will be alright. It will happen the exact time it's supposed to happen.
Wow! That's an exciting week you guys had. I bet you're going to have fun on the trek. Are Jared, Sarah and Mia going?
So it sounds like they are going to move Fast Sunday then. That will be interesting haha. I get to speak with two out-going missionaries??? The church bldg is going to be PACKED! How much time does that leave me to speak? About 20 mins?
Mama: Hi!  That's too bad about J*****. :(
Sarah and Jared are going on trek. Mia can't because she isn't 14 yet. Oh well!

Yep, you're speaking with two out-going missionaries! They announced yesterday about moving Fast Sunday to the the 9th, so it is set. You should have 20 minutes, yes. Maybe 25, because Jared doesn't want to speak for too long. haha! I will let you know your topic when I find out.
Elder Sed: Thanks for all you do for me, Mama! Hey, I have to go unfortunately. We have a short emailing time this week! Love ya! Talk to you next week!

Hey Dad!
Sounds like you had a super fast busy week! 
Our week here was pretty good. It was kinda slow for some reason, but super fast at the same time. I just can't believe it is Monday again already. Time just flies!
As far as our teaching pool goes, it's been kinda dismal this past week. J fell off date, sadly. He has been going thru some struggles, and wasn't able to come to church. It was kind of a bummer to not have him there. He will be baptized when he is ready for it though. It's just a matter of commitment really.
We have been really working hard to find new investigators this past week. It's been a struggle for some reason. Just pray for us that we will be able to have success this week. Sadly, our car had to be taken to Tri-cities to be fixed so we are without a car this week and our area is huge. Lots of walking! I'm okay with that though. I like walking, it's just you can't get as much done in a day with walking.
This week we had interviews with President Ware. It's my last legit one. The next time I see President will be in the mission home. That's kinda sad :(  He's so awesome! I already asked him for some advice about how  can prepare to go home, and he just said to write down the impressions that I get about home. I'm not really sure what that means exactly, but I have been doing it. He wouldn't give me any other advice because he doesn't want to ruin my departure interview hahaha. He's funny. I have learned so much from him. He mentioned how much I have grown on my mission. It has been cool to see the changes in me for myself. I love President Ware!
I also had my last Zone meeting ever. That was kinda sad too, but it's alright. Time is just flying by. I can't believe how fast it's going. It's soooooo crazy haha.
The teaching method you talked about is ironically the same way we already teach our investigators, and we are supposed to teach the less-actives the same way. So I've been using it for a while haha. It works wonders! There's a reason that the apostles instruct us to teach that way. It enables them to teach to each individuals concerns and by the spirit as well. The spirit is always the best teacher!

Mom made it sound like the car hunt is going pretty well. I know you guys will make a good decision. The Brave Mobile hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I had totally forgot about that! That would bring back some great memories! Sadly, I don't think I can afford the gas for it haha. I may have to live without the brave mobile. {The Brave Mobile is an ancient motor home that Jake's little league football coach used to drive his team to their away games in. It just happens to be for sale now!} It's really a huge blessing just to be able to drive any car. Thanks for all that you guys do for me! I love you guys!

Libby is going to be 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? I still thought she was 9 and turning 10. Man, she is getting big. Your kids are all growing up before your eyes haha. 

That's awesome that you guys were able to see Jordan's homecoming talk. It's going to be sweet to see him at the airport, and all you guys as well! That's going to be a fun time! He told me he thought he did pretty great so I'm sure he did great! I just hope my talk will be good too haha. There is going to be so many people there with three missionaries speaking. Hopefully everyone will be able to fit haha.

Tell Jared I would love to go to the temple with him. That would be fun. The temple is amazing!

I didn't get to watch the funeral for Elder Packer, but I bet it was good. It is going to be interesting to see who will be called to fill in the spots of those great apostles! It's so greats to have a living church, that no matter what happens, there will always be men called of God to be leaders of Christ's church under His direction!

Thanks Dad, for all things that I can ponder about. Oh, I know you and Mom are always there for advice and help when I need it. You guys are great parents! I love you both! I will for sure be thinking about goals that I want to accomplish. The last thing I want is to go home and lose the daily progression, and it takes plans and goals to keep that going.
Thanks Dad, for the great example of missionary service and service in the church as well! I look up to you a lot! I always knew when times got hard on my mission, that I could do it, because Dad did it. I love ya, Dad!! I know the gospel is true! I know it without a doubt! I love to serve the Lord and for the rest of my life that is what I want to do. It doesn't have to be full-time missionary service for the rest of my life, because I can serve the Lord on a daily basis. I may be leaving the mission field soon, but the principles that I have learned on my mission will never leave me. I love the gospel! I love Jesus Christ. I know He lives!
-Elder Sedlacek

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