Monday, July 20, 2015

This was probably one of the most fulfilling weeks of my mission!

Hey Mama,
Sounds like you had a great week! That's awesome!
It is good you got my package. I was kinda expecting you guys to look through it, even though I really didn't want you to haha. It was my fault though, because I forgot to tell you that last week. I am glad you liked all the stuff though. 
Coming home is kinda surreal for me too haha. I got my travel itinerary this week, which was interesting, and with this P-day being my last legit one, it is going to go by so fast. Next Monday I will be in the mission home, but I should be able to email for at least a little bit, but you will see me the next day so hahaha.

You will never guess what I got to go to this week!!!!!!!!! On Tuesday I got a call from the mission that D***** {one of the converts Elder Sed taught back in Sunnyside} was going through the temple and had asked me to attend that Saturday!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!! It was fun to be able to see all the members from Sunnyside who I came to love, for one last time on my mission. D***** was so happy that I was able to make it. I was happy too! It was my last time as a missionary going through the temple, so it was pretty great if you ask me!

I bet Chaz's talk was great haha. He's a great guy. I'm sure an awesome missionary as well. It's good you'll have people to help you out with food and what not when Jared and I speak!

Mama: Hey!
I didn’t look through your stuff in detail....just glanced at it really. I hope that is okay. And I didn’t read your planners at all. It would take a long time to really look at all of it!
I’ll bet this is all really surreal for you. I just saw Jordan’s mom at Smith’s. 
That is SO awesome that you got to go to the temple and support D*****! It is even more awesome that she made it to this point!! She must have been so happy. I’m really glad you got to see some of the people from Sunnyside who you love. That is cool.
Yeah, Chaz gave an awesome talk and it’s obvious that he was an awesome missionary and worked hard. 
Elder Sed: Oh, you're all good Mama. I don't care if you looked at my stuff. It would take a long time to look through it all! You saw Jordan's mom at Smith's? How is she doing?
Yeah, it was amazing to go to the temple!!

Well Mama, I got to get going. I will email next week for a bit. Probably not very long though. I don't know how much time I will have.Thanks for all that you do Mama!
What is my homecoming talk topic? If you know it you should send it to me somehow haha.
Talk to you next week Mama!
Love you!

Hey Dadio!!!!!
This past week was amazing! Probably one of the most fulfilling weeks of my mission. Even though we didn't have a baptism or anything like that, I did get to feel a little bit of what missionary work is all about when I got to go to the temple with D***** when she was getting her endowment. Talk about an awesome experience! It was so fun being able to get to see all the amazing members from Sunnyside. D***** was super happy to see me there. It was kind of a surprise for her since she didn't know if I had got the message about when it was happening or if I was even able to go, but I did get permission so that was awesome!

We had a pretty good regular week this past week. We did a bunch of service at this place in Athena Oregon. It was pretty fun, but man, I met one of the craziest men I have ever met up there hahahahahahaha.
We got J***** back on date!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is on date for the 15th of August. He didn't come to church though. We didn't have anyone at church even though we have two people scheduled for baptism. The other person we found this week out of the area book. Her name is M. She's on date for Aug 8th. I have a feeling that getting our investigators to church is going to be a struggle. Just keep praying that they come to church!

Other than that, I am just trying to keep building up the teaching pool before I leave. I can still make a difference every day of my mission.
This week, I've been thinking a lot about goals and what-not for the post-mission stuff. I even fasted about it, so hopefully I gain some thoughts on all that. I've got some ideas tossing around up in my head, so we will see what happens haha.
Service at the cannery from 8pm to 12:30 am? That's a crazy shift hahah. Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing that though. Sign me up.
Sounds like there were some good RM talks and outgoing missionary talks yesterday. It will be interesting to see how mine goes. I would hope it's a good one obviously haha. Did you guys get my topic yet?
Jared tried to go cow tipping! Like actual cow tipping? Wow hahahahahaha. That does not surprise me one bit.
I bet you and mom had fun on trek, even helping with food. It's fun you guys got to go. I wonder if next time you're going to be a Ma and a Pa? By then you probably won't have too many kids at home.
The haven't been mentioning anything about iPads here. There is no chance that I will get one before I leave haha. That would be cool if Jared gets to use them. They seem like they would be an awesome help. I would have liked to have one, but oh well. Now I can just be one of those "old" just  PMG missionarys.
Well Dad, you're awesome! Thanks for all the support you've been to me. I know this gospel is true. I know that with all my mind and heart. I have felt the true meaning of joy on my mission. I love the gospel! I love my mission!
Love you all!
-Elder Sedlacek

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