Tuesday, January 5, 2016

For New Year's, I read the entire Book of Mormon in 15 hours.

Elder Sedlacek after reading the Book of Mormon in one 15-hour period.
hey dad, so this week was pretty good. for new year's we had to stay in from thursday at 6pm until saturday at noon! i will talk more in mom's email about what we had to do during that time, but it goes along really well with the thought you had about the Book of Mormon. so we were not able to contact the nigerian man this week. hopefully we will in the next few days. we are still seeing g*****, m.j our less-active and s***. there are a few others that we see, but we haven't seen them long enough to know how they will pan out yet. we are still working with a lot of less-actives. we got s*** to come to church yesterday and he really liked it. he fits in pretty well and his off-the-wall personality makes elders' quorum fun hahahaha. then we got another less active named j*** to come back to church yesterday. it was a good sunday. my new year's eve was pretty good, you will hear more about that in mom's email, it is worth the wait haha. i am glad that you had a good one as well. i figured the snowman would end up as another snow zit without me there hahahaha--just kidding. the snow always seems to not want to cooperate these days. we got a light dusting of snow here last night so there was some snow on the roofs and on the cars, but no where else. it was nice to see at least a little snow. that is really awesome about your experience from fasting. fasting really works. i fasted to help me recognize the spirit faster and stronger this week and i immediately saw results--it was cool. yesterday we were walking along this super busy road to contact a referral, and this guy drove past us and was making fun of us. in my head i thought, "this is it, the trial of my faith before a miracle" and  about 10 minutes later this random non-member pulled up and gave us a ride to the referral's house! it was awesome, the driver wasn't even interested but it was great to have that miracle. that always happens, after the trial of our faith, we receive a blessing. thanks for the awesome thought this week dad, it will tie in later in the emails. i hope you have a wonderful day and week. I love you dad! thanks so much for all you do! talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hi mom! so this week flew by! i did get the package on new year's eve, thank you so much for it! i LOVE those paisley ties that you bought for me! they are awesome! thanks mom! 
so for new year's we had to stay in from thursday at 6 pm until saturday at noon. it was a long time. we had to do some packet work and part of the packet was to read the Book of Mormon in one day--on new year's day from 6 am to 10:30 at night! i was so drained mentally by noon hahaha but i finished at 9:05 pm. it was so hard hahaha. when i finished, i was talking to my comp (who is a speed reader and finished at noon!) but i started mixing up words because i was so tired hahaha. then i went to bed. other than that we did the packets which were really good. one made me cry hahaha i am becoming  such a baby when it comes to spiritual stuff hahaha.
as for church this week, i wrote all about it in dad's email. i also wrote about all the 'gators so you can read about that there. we did get s*** and one of our less actives to church. it was great to see the fruits of your fast! thanks so much!
i agree with your view on new year's goals, they are great and all but i too want to continually improve, so i am always working on something hahaha. that is good bro A is doing well, he is a cool guy. it is sad about sister A, although i am sure she is happier where she is. i am glad you did the traditional stuff for new year's, i could picture you guys doing all that stuff, good news is there is only one more to go hahaha (not trunky hahaha). that fruit "salsa" & chips sounds good that they made. maybe i will make some haha. that is too bad jake and jeff were sick, that is no fun. 
my blood sugars have been good. i loved how in the package you wrote the amount of carbs in the chocolates hahaha. i was like "mom is going through diabetes withdrawals" hahaha. that stinks about the 1-4pm block. we have the 9 am block now, we did have the 11. what are you talking about i never even said a word about being hungry when we'd get home from church after 4pm! hahaha jk. i did not know what having no food meant back then hahaha. that is cool you are still teaching piano, and the tutoring too, good luck mom! 
for today, we have a zone fun day at the church, so it will be fun to hang out with elder nielsen and huemann again. me and my comp are getting along, but as always when one obedient missionary and one that is not quite as obedient are put together, there are usually some disagreements. he wanted to start p-day early today and i told him no, so he yelled at me at the top of his lungs hahaha. things are going well though, and we do have fun together.

Sedlacek, Jared Logan

Hey President, sorry i didn't email last week, there really isn't an excuse, but the computers at the library had a malfunction so I was not able to get all my emailing done. this week was awesome, it was probably the best christmas I have had in my whole life. it was so awesome to be able to talk about christ for his birthday. I felt the spirit so much, it was great. we found a few new investigators this week, and so hopefully we can stay in contact with them and help increase their faith. My comp isn't the easiest companion to get along with, but he is a great elder and he knows a lot. he may not be the most obedient, but I am trying to work on that. I have already learned so much from being with him and I know i will learn a lot more. Well, I hope you have a great holiday this week. thank you for all you do, president! love you!

-Elder Sedlacek
03 Jan 2016

President Porter

That is why you are there. Help him become who he can be. I am proud of you
-that was my email to president last week, and his answer.
well , i have to go now mom, it was great to talk to you. thank you so much for all you do for me! i love you so much! have a great week and day! talk to you later! love you all!

-Elder Sedlacek

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