Saturday, January 23, 2016

If you bundle up enough, it is just your face that turns to ice.

hey dad! so this week went by a lot faster, it was a good week. we had a lot of opposition in the mission though, but that is a good sign. the adversary is aware of all of us and we are scaring him! so this week, we lost s*** as an investigator :( he chose to go with his Jewish religion.  we KNOW we fulfilled our purpose with him because he told us specifically that we helped him come closer to god and that we helped him become better. we were sad to lose him because we saw a lot of potential in him. hopefully he will have the desire to learn more later. we just have to wait it out the while the spirit works on him. well, we had our follow-up lesson with p****. he was busy again, so he is going to call us soon. other than that, it has been the same old-same old type of stuff, just trying to get new people to teach and getting less-actives out to church. one cool story with p**** though, we went to his door and knocked and he did not answer. i had the thought to leave him a card, so we took the time to leave him one and it worked out perfectly.  just as we were about to walk away, he pulled up and started talking to us. so i know that was  a prompting so that we would be there to talk to him. it was sick! i am sorry you have had a head cold dad, that is good you are feeling a little bit better.  i wish you luck running everything at work. that is cool with all the family history work you have been getting done, nice job! i bet that was fun to go to the theater with mia and mom, that will be cool if mia does do a non-musical play. brother taylor was so anxious for the steelers' game hahahaha.  i love those two thoughts you shared, the latter one applies to my whole mission right now so well. at the specialized training we had this last week, that is pretty much the sum of what president was talking about.  thank you so much for those dad! well as usual i will write more in mom's email, i love reading your emails each week! thank you so much for all you do dad! i hope you feel better, love you dad, so much! talk to you later! have an fantastic week!

-Elder Sedlacek
hi mom, so this week was faster than last week, and it was pretty good.  we found one new guy that seems promising, we will have to see. we can always find new people to teach here, but the question is if they are going to stick around, which they usually don't. everyone is willing to talk to "the Brothers" about Jesus, but not about new stuff. it makes me frustrated sometimes. 
the best part of the week was the specialized training, and i have a funny story about that for later in the email. the hardest part was when s*** dropped us. i wrote about that in dad's email. 
i am sorry about your tooth trouble, that really stinks! i pray for you all at least once a day, and i am glad it worked, what day was that? i am glad you had FHE and that the girls' rehearsals are going well, that will be fun to see those plays. Cincy has gotten a few flurries--here they call it snow, but yeah, it is just a flurry. it has been very wicked cold! it has been somewhere in the 15s and 20s all week,  but for two whole days it made it to almost 50, it was so nice! that is how the weather is out here, it goes in super cold cycles and then warms up for a few days. i live for those warmer days! hahahaha. it gets so freakin' cold! it is unbelievable what the humidity does to the cold! my coat is nice and warm though, thanks! 
that is super funny about dad getting baby T a little UTE shirt! hahahaha that is awesome, i just started laughing when i read that haha. wish Nicole a happy birthmark for me! that was a cool message from sis. murdock, about how the spirit seems to wait til the last minute to help out sometimes. i feel the same way sometimes, and i have been definitely been getting more promptings now than i ever have. it has been wicked awesome! but yes there is no growth in a comfort zone, that is so true. that is why i have to rely on the atonement so much, because I am constantly either exhausted, stressed or feeling the spirit--and then sometimes just normal hahahaha. i am glad Dr. T liked that--you will have to tell him hello for me. 
so now for that funny story: so at the end of the meeting, we were waiting around to get a ride from the APs and some elders were just messing around and shooting half court shots. they could not get one, and so the ball bounced over to me, i grabbed it and with one arm just launched one in and it swished and everything! everyone was watching and they were like screaming and just like OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!! it was so funny hahaha!! so how is everyone doing?
Mom: Nicole says we best believe that you’re going to tell that funny story in your homecoming talk. That is so funny that you made that shot like that!
Well my tooth still hurts, unfortunately. The last two nights have been the worst. So I’ve called Dr. T, also because it feels a little swollen, to see if I need an antibiotic. Hopefully something will help!
Mine and Dad’s phones say that you are 8 degrees right now, with a “real feel” of –6. How accurate is that? I hope it’s not that bad!
Whatcha going to do for p-day today? 
Elder Sed: yep that sums up the weather, hahaha. it sounds worse than it is, because if you bundle up enough, it is just your face that turns to ice. my eyebrows froze last night hahaha. i should tell that story hahaha i am sorry you still have that pain!
Mom: I’m glad it sounds worse than it is. How did your eyebrows freeze? haha So you will be having transfers next week? Do I have it right? What are you doing for p-day?
Elder Sed: first week of february is the transfers, so not next week but the one after that. it was  a 7 week transfer this time, and same with the next. so yep they are coming up. as crazy as it sounds, i have lived in Cincy for 3 months! well, my eyebrows froze because the wind was blowing in my face (as it always seems to do hahah) and the wind chill got my face to numb up and then BAM! my eyebrows wouldn't move separately from my face hahaha.
today we have to buy some food and then maybe i will take a nap, depends on what elder holman wants to do. with the mtc changing back to 3 weeks for english speakers, everyone who was already out gets a week long extension. so with christmas they have to do 2 7-week transfers. that is way cool about tara and the new baby! you will have to tell her congrats for me!
well, i have to go now mom, it was great to talk to you! i love you guys all so much! the picture is from the specialized training hahaha.  have a great week! i love you all so much!

-Elder Sedlacek

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