Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Suffice it to say I will no longer accept rides from just anyone haha!

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The mission pin Jared has earned by memorizing verses of scripture
hey dad! so this week went pretty slow for some reason, but i had a pretty good week. yesterday we had a stake conference and since batesville is in my stake right now, i got to see some of my old batesville peeps. it was awesome! so the less active, a****, i have been working with, is finally coming back to church and his little brother is getting baptized! it is nice to see some success from something i helped to achieve--with god's help of course! so we were not able to get any investigators to show up to stake conference yesterday, since it was in kentucky. only michael  showed up, it was kinda sad. it was a really good meeting though. we also found some new investigators this week. one day we were on the bus, and the spirit just all of a sudden washed over me, and like 5 minutes later, this guy named peter just started talking to me from the row behind me. we got an appointment with him. unfortunately he was kinda busy when we went, so we talked for a few minutes and gave him a brief rundown of the restoration. we made another return appointment, it was awesome! yes, it has been really wet here, but what you saw on tv during the bengals game was very little compared to how hard it really rains here! it is crazy, it is like sheets and sheets of rain so hard within seconds you are soaked to the bone! it is ridiculous! luckily, it usually doesn't rain quite that hard. that is an interesting thought about people always going "up to Jerusalem."  i will have to focus on that when i start the BOM over again next week. good job on the family history, you are getting a lot done. i will have to get into that stuff when i get back.  i love the temple, i can't wait to go at least once a week when i get back. yep, i knew about the bengals game the next day. the ward mission leader is a huge steelers fan and even has a sticker on his car.  we always joke he is going to get keyed around here, because they are SO SERIOUS about "WHO DEY!" i am serious, you could walk up to someone and tell them that who dey sucks and you might get shot hahahaha! he was pretty happy to see the steelers win. hopefully denver can pull through. "Opposition in all things"  is a sad fact of life, but it helps us grow. i like your quote, it seems like i am almost 90 percent relying on the atonement now to be able to keep going. this work is so hard and so tiring you cannot do it alone.  i know for a fact the savior has been with me the whole way. my love for the savior has grown exponentially! it is amazing to see. and i definitely feel your prayers! thank you so much for all you do for me Dad! i love you so much! keep up the good work, i will talk to you later! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek
hi mom! so this week was kinda slow, for some reason or another, but it was good, there are no bad days on the mission. yes, i am keeping a good journal and i start everyday with "today was a good day..." hahaha. 
so you can read a little more about new gators in dad's email and what went down for the week, except i did save what happened with patricia for your email. so patricia, michael's wife, we read the BOM with her and the spirit was so strong, and so at the end we asked her to be baptized on feb 6th and she said she would definitely pray about it! i will take what i can get, because she is close to being on date! i am excited to see what happens. 
as for the other gators, we are still in the grind with them, just trying to help increase their faith, but if you could pray for s, he is a noahide, which is another philosophy-based religion. he  might fully commit to that one. he is thinking about it, but if he is happy then i am happy.  we will see what happens.
 i did find out the new president's name on lds.org last week, but we can't get any beef on him, i only knew he is from texas and is a salesman. if you could find some things out for me that would be sick! i will definitely miss president porter, he is awesome! 
that is good you are having FHE lessons.  i miss those, i haven't been able to have one since like sept. it sounds like you had a fun week. my week should be pretty good this week, we had a lot of opposition so we should get some miracles going! and i am going to norwood on exchanges tomorrow so i should get to go to a gym! yeah! by the way, i am up to doing 150 pull-ups a night! that is funny about your job, it sounds like fun! that is a really cool experience from the temple that is cool! 
 i definitely know it to be true, that if you just keep pushing forward the miracles and the grace will come and same with blessings. that is what i live for out here, is making it through the trials, becoming a better person and the man i want to be and then getting some serious blessings from it! heck yeah! the gospel is true!
oh yeah! so a funny  story from yesterday--we were waiting at the bus stop and this random guy pulled up and offered us a ride. we hopped in and he had been hot boxing! which means he smoked a crap ton of weed! so we instantly started to get high hahaha and so then he starts talking to us about nauvoo and was like "yeah joseph smith and the bros man!" hahaha it was funny, but we quickly had him drop us off and he left. suffice it to say i will no longer accept rides from just anyone hahaha!

You asked about my insulin, but i don't need any yet. i have like 3-5 vials still.
well i have to go now, it was great to hear from you mom! thank you so much for all you do. i will talk to you later, i love you all so much! love you mom! have a great week!
Elder Sedlacek

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