Monday, May 2, 2016

I know that as we continually strive to be better that we will become better, despite what the adversary tells us.

hey dad! this was a good week. but before we start, we are getting "white-washed"--doubled out! it kinda stinks, but i know the Lord has His reasons and it is what the area needs. we had a ton of grace this week, we had members out with us almost every day! it was sick! V and his daughter and brother came to church yesterday! they were late, so we thought no one was going to show, but then just when we had given up, he walked through the door! it was awesome! M's boyfriend (G) started in on the lessons as well, he is the most prepared person ever! he committed to live the Word of Wisdom the first lesson, and also the law of chastity. he went from smoking 9 cigarettes a day to 2 within 3-4 days! he said that they will either separate or get married asap! it was a huge miracle. they are for sure getting baptized! 

a few less actives have promised to come to church this Sunday, this area is rocking it! i am so sad to go, but i know it will pull through. we just have to trust in the Lord and get all the records spic-and-span today. we have a lot to do! hahaha not so much with records, but packing and such! hahaha 

yep, we had to officially ''drop'' a few people this week, but as you said they will have their chance to accept the gospel, whether that be in a few weeks or years or even later, they will thank us for doing our best. that is good you had a good Fast Sunday, ours was good as well. it was not as good as the last one, but it was still very good, especially to have a few investigators there! 

hahaha so you're not so tech savvy there, huh Grandpa?! hahahaha just kidding Dad, that is good you got it figured out in time for your lesson. i probably would have struggled as well. 

that was crazy, you had another wind storm! last night we had the biggest rainstorm i have ever beheld! i woke up to the thunder, it literally sounded like it was echoing from about 15 miles in each direction, it was so loud! think of the largest sea storm you can imagine and take the thunder from that and imagine that, it sounded like that! no kidding, it was insane. i was too tired to get out of bed, so i just listened to it before i passed out asleep hahaha. 

wow, A&J are moving! good luck to them! that is way cool USU players are going to the NFL, and that is too bad the Reds lost. thanks for the awesome update! 

i love that talk you shared. none of us are perfect, but we are working towards it. we may not always feel like it, but as long as we are utilizing the Doctrine of Christ in our lives, we are moving towards Christ, that is the goal don't ya know. i know that as we continually strive to be better that we will become better, despite what the adversary tells us and tries to convince us that we can't. well, we are short on time today, i will write more to mom. i love you Dad, have a great week! talk to you on Sunday!

hey Mom, so this was a good week. we had a few investigators at church this week, i wrote about that in Dad's email. Today i am short on time, so you will have to refer to that one for investigator news, I'm sorry. 

well, Elder Sutton and I are both being transferred out, it sucks, but i will trust in the Lord and it will all work out. i love this ward and area so much, it will be hard to leave. 

my week has gone by crazy fast as well. on Thursday we had a Zone meeting, and it was super awesome. i got some awesome revelation for myself. I was told to stop beating myself up for things i mess up, stuff like that, and to focus on how the Lord qualifies who He calls and how much He loves us. 

i did get the strips and batteries, thanks! so much! my favorite person was G. i wrote to Dad about him. the hardest thing was probably one day, can't remember which, we were not able to get any members out with us and all our appointments fell through, but it worked out at the last minute because a member suddenly decided to come with us. so we were able to see some people in the far reaches where the bus doesn't cover. it was awesome! 

when the baby is born, you could probably just call the mission office, they will probably let me know. thanks for thinking of that! well, i hope it all goes well, wish them luck for me! 

that is good the windstorm wasn't bad enough to cause any real damage. For Skype just plan on about 4-5 pm your time, but i have no idea since i am getting transferred. i think we can call to set it up the day before, but we will see. just keep an eye out, maybe i will get a member to text you. we will figure it out. 

i love that thought from D&C 11:20, that is awesome and a great scripture, thanks mom! it is true, when you think about it, as a missionary, we just have to keep the rules and do what we are supposed to and we will still see miracles, at least that. it is awesome, our life is simple when you think about it, easier said than done, but simple all the same. well, that is it for this week, how you doin? oh yeah, this week, that day when we had no members to come with us we spent in the 'hood where we could access, and by the end of the day, when i called a member, i literally without even meaning to said "How you goin'?"​ hahaha! 

Mom: Hey son, good to hear that you had a great week. I’m happy about all the success you had!
Transferred eh? I suppose you don’t know where?
When the baby is born, I’ll call or text Sister Porter. I have her number.
I wish you the best of luck tomorrow for transfer day!! I’ll be praying for you!! I Love you!!

nope, i don't know where I'm going yet, i will know tonight. even though i'll really miss the people and area here, i do feel very good about this transfer. i pray about every transfer and i feel like we did accomplish what Heavenly Father wants us to accomplish to the best of our ability. thanks for texting Sister Porter when you do, Mom!

i have to go now mom, sorry we could not talk more. i love you Mom! expect a card in the next few days, and have a great week! you're the best! talk to you on Sunday!

-Elder Sedlacek

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