Monday, May 9, 2016

There you have it--cutting lawns pre-mission DID help prepare me for my mission.

It's no trick of the eye.....Elder B IS shorter than Elder Sed! 

hey dad! so this was a good week. i told you a lot about the investigators yesterday, and that was really fun to Skype! i have grown since I came out hahaha! i have to be careful when i wear my long sleeve shirts, or i could rip them. they are small around my shoulders now. 

just some fun info about the apartment complex where we live: we have a small pond in the middle and we can fish in it without a license, since it is private property. Elder Bosworth and I and the other Liberty Zone Elders (one is my old zone leader, Elder Barrett. he is a cowboy so he loves that stuff hahaha) will be doing some fishing! Literally a crap ton of geese and ducks live in West Chester, so constantly these geese fly over at perfect shooting height. It drives me up the wall hahahaha. All the roads we bike on are very skinny two-lane roads, and there are no sidewalks so it is fun to hold up traffic when we go anywhere! hahaha 

that is good you got to go the cemetery to visit Grandpa and Grandma's graves. The three-way call for Skype worked out pretty slick. That was a great idea, I am glad ya'll got it worked out. I am glad you got to go to Jeff's graduation. Thanks for the updates Dad, as usual. I bet that was fun to move A & J into their new place. I'm really glad they found a nice place to move into. I got a great workout as well digging out some stumps, one was about half the size of our pine tree stump, it was hard work hahaha. They call me and Elder Bosworth the dynamite duo sometimes (hahaha) because "dynamite comes in small packages" and we work hard! hahaaha. {Note: Elder Sedlacek's new companion is actually shorter than Elder Sedlacek is. This probably won't happen very often!}

That is so very true from Elder Renlund, it all starts with faith. The first step in the Doctrine of Christ,  is that as we increase faith, we increase everything else as well. Faith is the substance of it all, that is the most basic simple step you can work on--increasing your faith. We have to give people commitments to help them increase their faith and prepare for covenants--no commitments, no covenants, no exaltation. It is all simply said, but harder to do. Thanks for all the support you give me Dad! I love following your example, you have taught me well. Thanks for that Dad! Well, it was great being able to hear from you twice in 24 hours. Keep up the hard work, you're the best.  I love you Dad. Have a great week, I will talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom, so this was a good week, but a tough week. It is hard being doubled in to a new area right after being doubled out of another (hahahaha) who woulda thought?! 

Elder Bosworth is a great missionary. He is pretty mature, but still loves to joke around some, so that is good. He is great. He is the District Leader. We are in a district with the West Chester Sisters. We cover the ward and split it between the two companionships. Elder B and I cover the west half. The members are very helpful from what I can tell so far. That guy I told you about yesterday, Brother F, is awesome. We mow his lawn every week and he loves us. He told us we made a really good first impression with how I cut his lawn, so there you have it--cutting lawns pre-mission did help with preparing me for my mission hahaha. 

It was pretty hard leaving Englewood. I love a lot of those members so much!  They are so cool. The S family I will have to keep in contact with--they are awesome. That is good Libby is feeling better. I forgot it was Cinco de Mayo and ate a samwich hahahaha. Not that i would have cooked something anyway! hahaha 

That is cool Jake has a summer job and apartment, good for him. I bet that was a fun Saturday up in Logan hahaha. I am glad Jake gets to go visit his mission. That would be way cool to do a trip like that with you guys when I get back. I hope it is fun, that will be awesome. Hopefully little Baby T comes soon! hahaha 

It sounds like you had some good talks in church for Mother's Day. It is cool you got to go to the Care Center, I love the people there. Thanks for telling me the cool story about the Western Red Cedar boat wood, that is cool, thanks Mom. I know that as we use the Doctrine of Christ and the atonement to change us, we can become better and come closer to Christ and be ready to meet him at the last day. I know that as we do what He has asked us, we will be blessed as well.

One thing for my birthday--I could use some more of those Nike socks, size 6-8, the mediums. That would be sick! The ones I have are wearing out soon.

I have to go now Mom, it was great to hear from you! I love you Mom, have a great day! and week! Talk to you later!

-Elder Sedlacek

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