Monday, May 16, 2016

Leaders change patterns

Elder Sedlacek snapped this pic of a double rainbow.

hey Dad, it was a good week. we were able to find some new people to teach this week, and that was super cool. as for all the other investigators, Miss J came to church with her son B, and then no one else made it. it seems like the elders before us hadn't really been finding, so we have had to really put a lot of effort into finding and getting referrals. all the investigators we have that we didn't find our selves are eternigators, so right now we are working the lists and stuff. we biked a lot this week! we went all around to the edges or our area, and it was pretty fun. hahaha the hills here are nothing like the hills in Utah, as far as length and grade, but man! they are rolling, so it is just one after another! hahaha it really gets you a good workout. 

we have been trying to find some Less Actives to work with as well, and we have found a lot of people who don't want to be contacted. it's pretty sad. that is pretty much all that is new for this week--we are just getting the lay of the land figured out--i have the area mapped out pretty well now just by biking most of it. that helped so it is pretty nice. 

you drove to Washington? that is a long drive! holy cow! i bet that was fun though. did you do it in the truck? that is awesome. hopefully, i will get to go back to visit some areas here later on. the scripture you shared is one of the scriptures we have to memorize to get our pins. i like that scripture, you can apply it to so much. the Lord will always be with us, we don't need to get discouraged, things will work out. 

like Jake, i hope i can go with my investigators to the temple as well, but first i need some more baptisms! hahaha i am trying so hard to get some, but it just doesn't always work out that way. i will get some more though. well, i hope your work catch-up day is going well, that was some time worth spent, hopefully you can get caught up fast. don't worry about the sports update, if you don't have time you don't have time hahaha. that is cool thought the hockey playoffs are coming up. that will be fun for you to watch. that is sweet Jake got that kayak. i have always wanted one, that is super cool. that is awesome! i will have to get one as well. 

that is true about members doing the finding, that is the way it should be done. i should not be a good finder, but unfortunately that is the way it is here for now, but we will change it. haha leaders change patterns, and President wants me to lead, so i will do it. it makes the work so much easier. the members are good about coming with us in this ward, we just need to get some referrals coming. well, that is about it for this week. oh yeah--so every morning we run around a track in our complex, i have been able to run 4 miles in around 20 mins every day the past week, it turns out jumping rope makes you quicker as well! hahahaha tell Jeff to beat that! hahaha well, i will talk to you later Dad! i love you Dad! have a great week!

-Elder Sedlacek

hey Mom! so this was a good week. we worked hard and it paid off. we found a few new people to teach and got a lot done. we are getting the lay of the land all figured out and everything, getting lots of biking done! hahaha my metabolism is speeding way up (hahaha) i also need to adjust my basal rates because i keep running low {blood sugars} with all the biking up hills and whatnot. 

the weather has been good. the other day it was kinda cold and we were biking so it gave me a slight cold. i am just getting over it now.  i told Dad, but also every morning we run around the lake at our complex and it is a mile long. i run 4 miles every morning in about 22 mins, it is awesome. i even ran a 5:30 mile the other day, i have decided i might run when i get back. :)  hopefully, the baby comes soon, you will have to let Sister Porter know. that will be good to get some plants in the ground, so you can have a garden this year. 

i will let you know when i need more diabetes stuff, thanks Mom. that is cool all those kids in the ward are graduating. I am glad you got to see the dance stuff and the concert, i bet that was all pretty fun. i am sure that it was fun for Jake to visit his mission. i am glad your week went well! that is about all for my week, we are just working hard and trying to baptize. thanks for your example! 

Mom, by the way, when is my next pump coming? the screen on this one is getting hard to read, the screen is darkening. i'm not sure why.

i have to go now mom, thanks for emailing me, i love you! have a great week! grab life by the horns!

-Elder Sedlacek

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