Thursday, September 4, 2014

I love you guys so much. Remember that!

What's up mom,
Turns out I was able to email from the church today.  Sounds like everything is going good back home. That is good that Nicole is going to be able to get into surgery tomorrow as was planned. I will pray that everything goes ok with that. I would have fasted Sunday too if I had known that all of you were doing that. That's what limited communication does haha.
It is way crazy that it's already September. I also found out that Elder C's sister got married while he was on his mission. They did a card board cutout of him and when you take the picture it has to be done with a profesional camera, otherwise it looks terrible. There is a member that he knows that does the pictures and sends it to you for free. I just need the wedding tie before I get transfered out of this area, which could be next month who knows. Just a thought.
That is good that you got the pics from the Myers. They are a really cool family and they took us out for dessert. I am glad I look good haha. What do you mean that you really mean it?
My week was pretty good. Monday we found a super awesome family from Ukraine. They have super awesome questions about the plan of salvation. Wednesday, we had a good lesson with a LA family in the ward. A couple weeks back we met with them and I felt like I should challenge them to read the Book of Mormon as a couple everynight and they have been doing it. They came to church yesterday too for the first time in a long time. Friday we had a zone breakfast where the stake feeds all the missionaries breakfast in the zone. It was super fun and yummy. One of the stake presidency shared a thought that I really liked on what he called the divine paradox. Missionaires come out to the field and time feels like it is super slow, but as we get older and wiser the time goes super fast. He related it to the scripture where the Savior says whosever will lose his life shall find it--if you know what I'm talking about. When we lose our life and stop caring about ourselves time just flies by. It is so true from what I have seen.
That is super cool that the nectarine tree is growing good. That sucks about the peach though. I really liked those peaches. I bet you're having so much fun canning all the junk that dad brings up too, huh haha.
That is super cool that you had a great experiance like that in the temple. Isn't the temple the best. That is why I am so excited for the 16th, because we get to go to the temple in the morning and I have the rest of the day to just have fun on my birthday. Awesome!
I love being able to email home and find out what's going on back at home right now. I hope you have an awesome labor day! You need to do something fun in the evening. You need it. I can tell. I love serving a mission right now! It is awesome. I learn so much everyday and really want to make my mission experience be the best I can. I know the Savior lives. He loves everyone of us and is involved in our lives. I know the atonement is real and its power blesses our lives. The gospel just wows my mind constantly. It's so cool!
Have a great week. Don't forget to send me a letter or something letting me know how the surgery goes. I will be praying for all of you guys and her. Tell her good luck for me and not to be nervous. I love you guys so much. Remember that! Talk to you guys soon
-Elder Jake Sedlacek
What's up dad,
       I had a good week. I already gave some of the updates of what I
did to Mom so I won't talk about those. You did ask about G and I
wish we were able to meet with him this week. His family is taking all
of his attention right now. He is still
reading and studing from the Book of Mormon though, which is really
good. He just needs to keep that up even if his life is busy. The La
family is still up in Seattle and their son isn't doing very well
sadly. He is stable but not improving like they would hope. I really
hope everything works out okay with them. It will be super hard on the
family if they lose the baby. Keep praying for them. They need
all the prayers they can get. I will be praying for you guys too with
Nicole's surgery going on tomorrow. I hope everything goes well!
       Ever since last week, which does to me feel like it was
yesterday, I have been working on that challenge you gave to me on
Mathew 19:20. I have really felt like I could be more centered on
Christ throughout my day so I have been working on that ever since
Monday. I really feel like it helped me. I studied up on Preach My Gospel ch 8
which is the Christ-like attributes chapter, and I have been working on
developing every one of those. It's just helped me realize that Christ
is everything in all that we do. We need to involve him in our life
and he will help us out but if we get selfish and think we can do it
all on our own we will figure it out the hard way soon enough. I think
that is what may have happened to me the past couple weeks. I found
that as I involved him more in every decision, my day went by so much
better and smoother. Pretty awesome huh.
       I am glad that work is going good for you. Seems like its
always busy which is a good thing I would suppose.
       Having withdrawals haha. I like the way you put that. I would
be having withdrawals too without Sunday football. We don't get ESPN on
the Roku? I would think that we would since there is a ESPN channel on
it. Maybe you should look into that, or maybe I have no idea what I am
talking about. I have mission brain so bad hahahaha. I am hopefully
not going to be too awkward though when I get home.
       I think that is awesome that Sarah is going to the Bountiful
games. Is Jared not going to them? if not he should be since it's his
last year of them. That is cool though
that Austin got some interceptions. He sounds like he is really good.
I like your spiritual thoughts from church and what not. They are
pretty good insight. I love the scriptures. That is one thing that I
have come to love on my mission. I really do everyday want to read in
them for at least 10 minutes when I get home. I will always be sure to do
that one. I have a testimony of scripture study. I love it and the
strength it brings. It's awesome! I love my mission as well. Thanks for
the sacrifice that you give up to keep me out here and going. Love you
guys so much!
Let me know how the surgery goes with Nicole.
Have a great week dad and fam.
Love ya again!
-Elder Sedlacek

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