Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Elder Sed!

What's up Dad,
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I did get the package and I really
liked it. I don't know if you picked out anything for it, but I liked
it haha. The temple was amazing this morning. I just love being able to
go to the temple. It's always good.
Things are going pretty good. We are in the finding stage right now,
with being dropped by G and not really being able to catch the
Ukrainain family. The LA family you are talking about came back to
Pasco this week, so the baby is home from the hospital. He is still on
a feeding tube though. We are going around to the members of the ward
giving them a lesson. We watch a Mormon Message titled "Waiting on our
own road to Damascus" by President Uchtdorf. We ask them about their
conversion and how long it has been since they have read and prayed
about the Book of Mormon. Conversion is not a one-time thing, so it's
good to do it multiple times--every time we finish the Book of
Mormon. All of you should take that challenge too. Read and pray about
the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is truth and it will help you to
feel more of the Spirit of the hastening in your lives. I promise
I had heard that the Chargers beat the Seahawks, which I was happy to
hear. That is crazy that USC lost too. I hope Utah does good over in
Michigan. They can beat them. I don't think they (Michigan) are that
good this season.
You're going to have to study up on Isaiah haha. I bet you will learn
lots from your lesson though. It will be good for you.
I am glad that you liked the pics I sent.
I did find a new pair of shoes too. I would hope that the new ones can
last the rest of my mission. I will be sure to keep the old pair of
That is super funny that you got roped into the wedding shopping. I bet you
won't make that mistake twice huh haha. You should tell Jeff that he
does owe you big time haha. That would be funny.
It's good that things are going good with all the siblings. I bet Jared
is loving his job. That is awesome Mia did such a good job, and that
Nicole is doing good. I bet Sarah is amazing at debate haha. That is
her calling from the very beginning. And Libby is just awesome.
What Dad turned down fruit??????????????? Has he died and gone to
heaven????????? nah, I'm just kidding dad. That is good though haha. I
bet the wimpy Utah apples are nothing compared to the Warshington ones
haha. I just had an amazing apple that was huge the other day, so it's
apple season already. That is crazy. I love the fall weather though.
Here it's been still up in the 80s so it hasn't felt that much like fall
yet. The mornings are a little cold though which I really like. I
didn't even know that there were northern lights visible, so no. I didn't see
them haha.
Well dad, I hope you have a great week. Thanks for all that you do! You da bomb.
I love serving the Lord on a mission. It's amazing.
Love ya tons!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

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