Monday, September 29, 2014

I know God still speaks!

What's up Mama,
Holy crap 14 months hahaha. That makes me sound like an old
missionary. It feels just the same though, to answer your question. I
just have to focus on the day ahead of me everyday and do my best.
Thanks for praying for B and S. I am sure it has helped. Sadly, we
haven't been able to make contact with either of them. We did
find three new investigators though this week. It was awesome so our week
was really good. We also had lots of lessons with people we had just barely
met. We just hope now that they turn into investigators. That would be
the best ever!

The weather has been really nice here. It has been about 70 degrees all day
and sunny as usual. I wish Utah would send some of the rain up here.
I like the rain haha. Yeah, the apartment is really nice. I
really like it. It's a nice place. And the dishwasher is nice too haha!
All my mission, up to now, it seemed my dishwasher was my hands haha. It's
still kinda weird to use a real dishwasher haha.

I had heard that the meeting was really good from lots of people who
watched it.  It sounds like it was. Lots of people talked about
President Uchtdorf's talk. It must have been a good one.
That is crazy that Abby is leaving on her mission. Does she leave this
week then? Seven missionaries from our ward this year!!!!!!!!! That is

Conference is this weekend!!!!! We are going to be watching at the stake
center probably. They don't broadcast it at our ward building. I am
guessing you guys will watch on the TV downstairs. You doing anything
fun besides that with conference?

I have to get going now. My time is up haha. I am glad to hear that
you guys are doing well. Have an awesome week. Conference will be
super fun. I am so excited! I know we have a prophet on the earth
today. He speaks God's word just as prophets in the Bible did. God is
loving and cares for all of his children. I just love the gospel! My
mission is awesome! Love you guys!
-Elder Sedlacek

What's up Dad,
I will start off with the update from my week. It was awesome. It was
one of the best finding weeks I have had here in Pasco. We found three pretty
solid investigators. Their names are B & M and G. They are all really awesome.
When we first met G we talked to him about having a prophet on the earth and
he said that he wants to hear some of  President Monson to decide if he
is a prophet. What a great question with next weekend coming up huh?
haha. B & M are pretty awesome too. They grew up around
LDS kids, and since then have always kinda wondered what it's all about.
They are working on reading the Book of Mormon right now. Awesome!
As far as B and S go, we weren't able to catch either of them home this
week. We are going to try by tonight though so wish us luck.

Another cool story from this week was when we met a potential named CJ.
Some previous missionaries had talked to her and never went back. The cool
part was when were walking up to her house, I got the prompting to take
a copy of the Book of Mormon out of my backpack and carry it in my
hands, which I don't normally do because I like to have my hands free.
Well, I did it anyway. When we knocked on her door and started
talking to her, she wanted a Book of Mormon, and I had it right in my hands.
She is going to start reading it as well. It was awesome! She is solid too, just
kinda busy where she works, so we hopefully will be able to catch her
home this week.

This week we had a super long training from President Ware on planning
and it was awesome. He did give some hints that I will probably
be transferred, but he does that sometimes and it doesn't end up working
out that way so we will just have to see haha. I will find out on Saturday
where I will be headed or if I will be staying.

Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The UItes blew
They should have won that game. Sounds like they need some 4th quarter
conditioning. I bet Kyle works them to death haha. I heard Bountiful
lost to WX from Elder C so that sucks too haha. It sounds like
it was a bad week for sports. That is good that the 49ers did good
though haha.

That is a cool story for Abby of how she went on a mission. I bet she
will be able to share that with people and help and bless their lives
where ever she is going. I bet she will be a good missionary. That is
great that the ward has seven missionaries sent out this year. Totally

That is totally insane that Utah is getting that much rain. It's almost
like Seattle it sounds like. Tri-cities hasn't gotten any rain.
It's been dry, but it's been like 70s so its been great.
I couldn't ask for anything more right now weather
wise haha. I just wish I could see some fall colors! That would be the
only thing.

Good luck with work this week. Do you think they are going to
announce something at conference? It will be cool to hear
some talks in other languages this year. I just hope President
Uchtdorf speaks English haha. I am, needless to say, excited for
conference though. It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!

I have a testimony of the gospel. I love the power that the
Book of Mormon brings into our daily life. It is sooo important that
we make the day-to-day decisions to have the gospel in our life.
Conversion isn't a one-time thing. It's an everyday process. I know
Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. It is a blessing to have a prophet
on the earth today. I know God still speaks!
Have an awesome week!
Love ya!
-Elder Jake Sedlacek

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