Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Mom & Dad

Elder Sedlacek warned us not to expect much in the way of handwritten letters from him....

But then we got our first one today! (That good boy).

Dear Mom & Dad,
You said you wanted hand written letters. I know I said I wouldn't but they wanted me to send the little card with my address. I also don't know if you will have to have a translator to read my handwriting. Oh well.

My district is six Elders and four Sisters. The six Elders are in one way-too-tiny room. They are soooo tiny. We all get along well it seems. I am just excited to get out in the mission field. 

The MTC is fun, but it is a special kind of fun. 

Everyone likes the treats I had in my suitcases {jerky and Hi-Chews}. The food is also alright, but it's like Chuck-a-Rama and the chocolate milk is SO good! haha

So far, my MTC experience has been good. P-day is a nice needed break. Writing letters is a lot easier than emailing, but I don't know if you can read it. {note from mom, I did fine}. If you want some more hand written, send some stamps. 

Love you guys. (I can actually say "you guys" for once!) Here, if you say "you guys," it's drop and give me ten push-ups. I haven't had to yet, but I almost have!  

I will write to you again soon, probably next p-day. Talk to you later, parentals. 

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