Monday, August 26, 2013

The kind of news that every Mom wants to hear

Elder Sedlacek's study area in his apartment.
 Today's email was exactly what every Missionary Mom wants to hear!

Elder Sedlacek: Well this week, we did a lot of tracting. It was really cool. It's funny to see some people who get so tickedoff when we knock on their door. We had a guy yell at us "don't knock on my door like that, and don't ever come back again" then he slammed the door in our faces. It was really funny. I just started laughing and walked away. Some people these days haha. Religion makes them angry, which is the exact oppositeof what it is supposed to do.We alsocame across a guy named David and his girlfriend Meagan. They are awesome people from what I saw of them. We are going back to see them tonight so we will see what happens.They offered to feed us right off the bat as soon asthey opened the door,and they aren't even members. Talk about charity. I don't thinkifsome stranger cameand knocked on my door, I wouldimmediately offer to feed them.We didn't eat from them because we had just ate but still, that was awesome to hear. We are also starting to teach more and more college students which is so awesome. They are all so cool. Its great to be there and see the spirit work in them and change them. the only problem with teaching students is the crazy schedules. Its sometimes really hard to meet up with them. Yesterday we went to a member's house and had the most amazing dinner I have had in the field. Huge steaks, mashed potatoes, and the sweetest corn on the cob I have had in my life. It was so yummy! That is the thing about living in a farming community. The farm food is always really fresh. We are still working with Jim, and Jay and trying to get them to quit smoking. They are making progress though, which is good. Other than that, we are just tracting and teaching investigators. Everything is great here in Ellensburg. I sent a letter with a memory card in it so you should get it today. Hopefully the card isn't smashed though. I would send it in a padded envelope but its like 2.50 every time you send it just for the little card. So I thought I would try to send it in a regular envelope.

Mom: It is so great to hear from you! I am glad you got such a yummy dinner yesterday. I will watch for the SIM card. I hear that JP always sends his in a regular envelope, so it should be fine. Love you tons, tons, tons!  Do you need anything? You sound great! Was there something great that happened this week?

Elder Sedlacek: Thank you love you too. I don't know if I really need anything right now. I am not really sure. I will write you though if I think of something. This week we taught Dave and we taught him about the priesthood. He really liked it, but as to an experience that made my week, really the whole week was great. I can't really think of some specific story to tell you right now. Just the whole week was awesome! I really liked what you said last week, to just take it one day at a time. It really helped me. Before I talked to you last week, I had been praying for comfort because I just felt like crap. I was really overwhelmed with all the things of the mission, all the things I have to remember and I was expecting to learn it so quick, and step into that perfect missionary role right off the bat but it was just overwhelming me. I learned that I was comparing myself to others too much. I need to just be myself and everything would be great. So I did, and now I haven't ever been happier. Its awesome. It was really an answer to my prayers. I had been praying for comfort and I got it. I know Heavenly Father hears our prayers.
Mom: You have just made my week! You didn't sound terrible, last week, but you do sound so much happier today. Everybody went back to school today. Jared even drove himself. :)

Elder Sedlacek: Oh believe me I am soooooo much happier.

I remember those days of the first day of school. Never a fun memory haha. Jared is going to wreck old blue haha. Hopefully he doesn't though because that wouldn't be good. Obviously he got his license.

Mom: Yep, he got his license. He didn't get a job yet, but he is still trying. He is following your example in lots of ways. You are really a great example to all of us.

Elder Sedlacek: Well, I am leaving now so I will talk to you later. Love you. Keep me updated about the family. I love hearing about what is happening when I am gone.

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